Saturday, November 5, 2022

1 for Me and 1 for You! Playmobil Gifts for Kids (with giveaway)

Disclosure: I received free sample products. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

If you have been visiting the blog since my teen was little, you may remember him really loving Playmobil toys. At one point, they were definitely his jam. And he was good at putting them together too. Now my oldest granddaughter is the one who will sit mesmerized for an hour or longer with a Playmobil kit, putting it together start to finish. The kits turn out so cute too. Some of you might remember the pictures I took of her putting together the Volkswagon T1 Camping Bus (this kit is cute, right?!?!).

We have a new generation of kiddos in the family now (3 toddlers), who are about to be introduced to Playmobil this holiday season. 

One of those lucky little ducklings (my granddaughters, that is) is going to have this super adorable Duck on Call Police Emergency Vehicle under the Christmas tree. I'm sure the Polly Police and Ducklas figures are going to be a hit, but so is the fact that these are actual vehicles they can roll around the house.

The truck is what needs assembled, and it looks like it can be done fairly quickly. When it's all done, the duck can ride in his car. The little car can go in the back of the police truck, and the spoiler lowers to let the duck out when there is an important mission that needs attended to. 

There are also sound and light effects, which any child would enjoy. I always like when toys go the distance to deliver extra smiles to the kiddos, and Playmobil always does (go the extra mile). 

Playmobil has always been a brand you can trust for durability, so you can bet this is one that can be played with for a long time. This is honestly a brand you cannot go wrong with, and the kids always love to get these kits too.

This is recommended for children ages 3-5 and it has 35 pieces, including 2 figures (the duck and the policewoman). 

The Air Stunt Show Tiger Propeller Plane is for ages 5-12. This kit has 43 pc. including 2 figures (the pilot and the mechanic). Let your imagination run wild as the pilot takes to the great blue skies in his radically tiger-striped airplane. 

The plane seats two people and has storage space in the tailgate, so kids can use their imaginations about what (or who 😯) might be fun to take along on one of these trips. I'm thinking it'd be good for our little Playmobil cat (from another kit we own) to take that extra seat because you know, what cat doesn't like to sit around and look out of the windows? The stow away area would be for cat treats, of course. 😽 

Who knows what adventures your children will take with this kind of Playmobil building kit around.

Every good pilot is prepared.

Stunt flights like these can take a toll on pieces and parts. Thankfully, Playmobil has anticipated such scenarios and provided a handy, dandy mechanic friend to fix all of the plane's mechanical needs. The little tools in the teeny tiny toolbox are so realistic looking that you can't help but smile. There's also a miniature gas can to ensure that a lack of fuel doesn't end the fun your pilot can have in one day.

Shop Playmobil for the Holidays!

If you have a child on your shopping list, I highly recommend visiting the Playmobil website. 
I think you'll be amazed at the number and types of toys (some are so stinking cute!) they have for sale.
Playmobil is a gift that children are always thrilled to receive.

Visit Playmobil to see more.

One lucky winner will get the Air Stunt Show plane seen above. 

US entrants only.

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  8. This is a great gift idea! I think my son would love this. Thank you for the giveaway. Will definitely join.

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  10. I do remember all of the fun your son had with his Playmobil sets. It's nice to see that the love carries on with the grands now!

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  12. The Star Trek - U.S.S. Enterprise is so cool.

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