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Begin to Get Your Home in the Holiday Spirit

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You might think it's a little early to begin to get your home in the holiday spirit. But Christmas has a way of sneaking up on you. And there are just a few weeks left to get things organized. Additionally, you can alleviate financial pressures by getting some gifts and food early.

Accentuate with Subtle Changes

It might be a little early to get your holiday decorations out. And it's definitely too early for a tree. But you can begin to get into the spirit by making some subtle changes to your home. For example, warming colors in your living room, such as red, orange, and brown cushions, can make your home feel cozier. Also, you can shop the latest fabric releases here to find Christmas blankets for the end of your bed or for snuggling up with the little ones on the couch.

Get Your Home in the Holiday Spirit with Seasonal Décor

Nothing quite says autumn has arrived like the browning and falling of leaves. This seasonal happening leads into the coming of the colder months as the holiday season begins. From Halloween onwards, we see other special times. You can accentuate your positive emotions associated with these days by bringing in the outdoors. Seasonal décor is a great way to capture the spirit of the holidays. For example, you can decorate your table with leaves, pinecones, and squashes.

Let the Kids Decorate their Rooms

The holiday and festive seasons are wonderful for adults. Yet, for children, they can be magical. And there's not much that they love more than decorating. You can, of course, let the children decorate their room with LED lights, blankets, and cushions. However, you can also start fun family traditions as part of holiday decorations for kids. These include making pom-pom ornaments, tin can Xmas trees, and Halloween character treat bags for Trick 'r Treaters.

Watch Some Classic Movies

One of the most fun traditions over the holidays is the multitude of excellent movies we have all grown up watching. And there's nothing more satisfying than watching these with our loved ones for the first time. Some of the best classic holiday season movies include the following:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

  • Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch

  • The Muppets Christmas Carol

  • Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

  • Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2

You can truly get yourself and your family into the spirit of the holidays by watching a movie each week in the run-up to special days. Films like Hocus Pocus really drive home the fun nature of Halloween. And the many Christmas films available can remind us what it's all about.

Play Some Traditional Music

There are many holiday songs that have been around for a long time. You can make a list of your favorite songs using a music app like Spotify or Amazon Music. Playlists like this are great for when you're getting ready for Halloween or making Christmas cookies. A holiday-themed playlist could be just what you need to get into the holiday spirit. Michael Jackson's Thriller wouldn't be the same without Halloween, and you can never have too many Christmas songs.

Get Your Home in the Holiday Spirit with Seasonal Cooking
Each season brings a variety of good food, all of which you can use to make amazing seasonal recipes. Seasonal cooking is also highly nutritious and helps establish a balance with nature. Autumn is perfect for heart stews and salads, as well as spicy soups and slow-roasted meats. And you can keep cozy indoors with winter favorites such as root vegetable bakes, roasted squashes, boozy spiced cheesecakes, and warming drinks like mulled wine and Hot Toddy.

Have the Kids write to Santa Claus
As the holidays come to an end, there is the obvious Christmas period. Yet there is some stress associated with the run-up to the big day, especially financial. However, there is an easy solution that's a win-win for you and your kids. Have them write a letter to Santa about what they want. Then you can work on saving or getting a little in at a time. This is a great fund for the kids. But you can also have some fun by actually replying to their letters as Santa would!

With summer over and autumn in full swing, it might be time to get your home in the holiday spirit. This can help establish traditions and get you prepared for the times ahead. You can begin by making décor changes, watching classic movies, and learning seasonal recipes.


  1. We always listen to Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  2. I have never thought about letting kids decorate their own rooms, that is such a good idea. Thank you so much for sharing these fun ways to get ready for the holidays.

  3. These are all great ideas to get into the spirit. I know because we do them all every year! LOL. We are waaaay into the holiday. Love it.

  4. I’m already getting excited about decorating for Christmas and enjoyed reading this. Cooking seasonal food and listenting to the music is my favourite!

  5. My kids have a blast decorating their rooms for Halloween & for Christmas. We let them hang up a string of lights and pick out a few other things to decorate with then we all decorate the inside/outside of the house together as a family.

  6. We do all's so important to have traditions. It really brings the family together and keeps the holiday spirit alive for years to come.

  7. I loved when my daughter would write to Santa. That was one of my favorite ways to get in the spirit with her.

  8. We love getting ready for the holidays. It is nice to make the home a cozy place and have some fun traditions.

  9. I'm so excited for the festive season. But a letter to Santa and decorating is the best way to get into the spirit.

  10. I don't think it's too early to get into the Christmas spirit. If I had my way the decorations would be up already. We go away on Friday for 2 weeks so mine will be going up as soon as we're back x

  11. I love to decorate for the holiday season with slow changes and holiday music. appetizersandentrees

  12. We go all out on the decorations for Christmas. We usually start the day after Thanksgiving, but we'll have to wait until the following week now since we'll be in Colorado that Friday that we normally do it.

  13. Now Halloween is over we are all so ready for Xmas in this . Already feeling super festive :)


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