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Four Ways To Improve Non-Alcoholic Cocktail-Making Skills At Home

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Making pretty beverages in the home is a great way of entertaining guests and a more than appropriate way to round off the working week on a Friday evening. However, not everyone has the expert skills of a bartender or mixologist.

Nevertheless, it’s something that can easily be learned, and having the right utensils needed can make all the difference when it comes to the cocktail-making at hand. Here are four ways to improve cocktail-making skills at home (I'm talking about non-alcoholic, but of course this would work for those using it too). I do love to serve or receive a pretty drink and have ever since the Shirley Temple days of my youth (does anyone remember getting those in restaurants as a kid?).

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Take a mixology class

First up, a mixology class is a great way of improving the skills that for most people, might not be there in the first place. Whilst some may have bartending experience, a lot of us, simply have no experience to offer.

So with that said, attending a mixology class may be useful. Whether that’s going to a physical class or taking one virtually, both are helpful to improve knowledge and expertise when mixing ingredients together. There are plenty of classes available that can help grow and improve the cocktails that are made at home.

Browse online for recipe ideas

The internet is full of useful resources and like-minded people who love making cocktails. Therefore, there are a lot of online sites and resources that provide recipe ideas in their hundreds and thousands!

With so many professional, semi-professional and amateur cocktail makers sharing their tips online, it’s worth a look. Whether it’s how to make a green tea shot or listing the ten most popular at-home cocktails to make this year, there’s plenty to get your imagination moving. Most can be made without alcohol if so desired.

It’s worth starting up a recipe book that can be referred to when creating drinks at home. That could be in a cocktail notebook or an online notepad.

Buy the right equipment and glassware

Having the urge to make a cocktail will usually come when you have the right equipment and glassware. Nobody will feel inspired to make a cocktail when all that’s available is a pint glass or coffee mug.

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With that in mind, think about the proper utensils and equipment needed to make cocktails. From the cocktail shaker to stirrers, it’s all basic stuff that’s required for the best at-home cocktail creations.

There are lots of different glassware options too depending on whether it's a short or tall cocktail. Consider what glassware types are available and which ones are best for the cocktails that are most desired.

Invest in a cocktail table/dresser

At home, you might want to have a cocktail table or dresser. This is a dedicated space that’s specifically made for store cocktail equipment, glassware, and spirits. Just like a coffee machine counter with all the various syrups and toppings, cocktails should have their own personalized space too!

Improving one’s cocktail-making skills is easy enough with learning resources and the right equipment. Even as a beginner, there are plenty of tips out there that will make any beginner into a cocktail expert. The benefit is a drinking experience that’s fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, both household and guests.


  1. I found that buying the right equipment (which doesn't have to be expensive) and watching online tutorials really helped me. It started learning to mix drinks when I worked in restaurants and have since carried it over into my own home.

  2. There are so many wonderful non-alcoholic drinks that are tasty and eye appealing. Did you know I was a bartender in my 20s?

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

    1. I did not know! My grandmother was a bartender once upon a time too. 😊

  3. Great tips, we definitely need to buy the right equipment. Thank you for sharing these ways to be non alcoholic.

  4. There are so many combinations and recipes out there. It would be fun to learn a few.

  5. I once attended a mocktail making competition and man! was I so impressed with the drinks I was served. how very creative. Yes! Find recipes online and try them, especially for holiday servings and guest entertaining. Or perhaps, home dates with the lovey. ;)

  6. Researching is really one of the best thing to do and yes it includes the equipments like glasses to use. Thank you for sharing such. Many would need to be reminded of this things.

  7. This is a great article for a non drinker like my self. Nothing worse than getting asked 10 times a night why I don’t drink. Now I can have ya say drinks and not get bothered by my drunk friends

  8. I like these tips. Besides, I like practising what I have learned, making healthy drinks like these.

  9. Home made cocktails is way up my street. I might take a mixology class soon.

  10. I love to drink both non-alcoholic and alcohol cocktails. I also love to make myself a drink or for friends. This is such a good post for more info of cocktail making.

  11. The Latin restaurant down the road from us offers mixology classes. Before my bestie moved to Georgia, we thought about taking a few of them but never did get around to it. I do love a pretty drink, alcoholic or not.


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