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Top 5 Toys for Summer with Giveaway

Disclosure: I received sample products or a discount code to use towards the purchase of them. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Seems like we always do a summer toy run, or pick up a few new toys, when summer arrives. The kids are home from school, time is relaxed, and there are a lot of opportunities to bond. What better way to do so than with select toys (you) and the kids will love? Here are our top 5 choices for the summer. Let the imaginative play begin!

1. If you have been following me long, you probably already know that I have four granddaughters. Four! That's a lot of potential for play time. This Minnie Mouse & Friends Tea Party from Green Toys is the perfect way to get some meaningful play (and grandma) time in with the girlies. I mean who doesn't love a tea party? This set is extra special in that it is made from 100% recycled plastic, which is Green Toys specialty. It also has a shape sorter on the tray, and they've numbered spots and items to help teach with numbers and counting. This is an adorable set too, with soft pastel colors and a chunky handles for even the littles of hands to comfortably hold.

The Green Toys Disney Baby Minnie Mouse & Friends Tea Party takes a classic toy and makes it safer and more playful. This colorful, 9-piece set features a tea pot with Minnie Mouse lid, a serving tray, three tea cups, and three dessert pieces. Each of the tea cups is a different shape – circle, square, and triangle – and features a different Disney character – Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Figaro. Each cup is the same color as its matching dessert shape: a circular bundt cake, square petit four, and triangular pie slice. All of the tea cups and dessert pieces nest into the serving tray in corresponding shape spaces, which also have numbers to help practice counting. Plus, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Made from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic in the USA. No BPA, PVC, or phthalates. For ages 6m and up. MSRP: $29.99 Avail on

2. Monsterkins are made from 100% recycled materials, proving easily that not all monsters are bad! This new eco-friendly plush line is from Wild Republic so you know they are made well. They're cute too, and super soft and snuggly. So whether your little one likes monsters or are you are trying to make a point about the importance of recycling, these furry little friends do both. Click to see the entire monster line-up. 

Monsterkins Instagram for photo credit

Monsterkins  from Wild Republic
These fun plush critters also help raise awareness for the need to recycle in a most interesting way.  Each of the eight collectable monsters in the Monsterkin line of plush are made 100% from recycled water bottles.  They each live in a different habitat where they eat the discarded water bottles left by humans. From beaches to forests and habitats in between there is a Monsterkin helping rid the world of tossed aside water bottles.   Available now at 

3. For the kids who like to create and use their hands to play, this SCENTsory Putty from Aaron's is not only soft and fluffy to the touch, but it also smells good. We have the Crisp Apple because to me, that one just smells like summer. Aaron's makes a high quality putty that never dries out, and they've mastered consistency too. This one is fantastic, but check out all of the other types and varieties of putty that they make (not just from this scented line). I think you'll be simply amazed!



SCENTsory Fruities: Very Cherry from Crazy Aaron's

A cherry scented putty that will bring jubilee! Stretch, squish, and twist Very Cherry SCENTsory® Putty when you feel the need to fidget something sweet. Familiar scents that are easy to imagine! MSRP: $8, Ages 3+ Available now   

SCENTsory Fruities: Crisp Apple from Crazy Aaron's

A little sour, but mostly sweet! Stretch, squish, and twist Crisp Apple SCENTsory® Putty when you need to quench your thirst to fidget.  Familiar scents that are easy to imagine! MSRP: $8, Ages 3+ Available now   

SCENTsory Fruities: Tropical Punch from Crazy Aaron's

A true blend of the islands with a mix of fruity scents. Stretch, squish, and twist Tropical Punch SCENTsory® Putty when you need a fidget escape. Familiar scents that are easy to imagine! MSRP: $8, Ages 3+ Available now   

4. Presto GoPop! from FoxMind is a great game for kids ages 6 and up. This is touted as being the first popping game around, and it's still a good one. Not to mention the squishy character in the middle. He's cute, right? You can pop him too (into your pocket, lol) and carry him around if you want to give out subtle hints to mom and dad (or grandma) that you'd like to play. This one is for 2-4 players and it is a lot of fast, cracking-up-and-falling-off-of-your-chair kind of fun (well, at least that's the case if your little ones are like my oldest granddaughter).


Go PoP! Presto from FoxMind 
Race to pop the bubbles! Complete the challenges on the presto Cards and be the first tap Bubblo to win the round! Players with quick reflexes, excellent eye-hand coordination and a good sense of observation will prevail in this fun party game for the whole family.  Ages 6+.  Available now  on Amazon  for $24.95

5. When you want to go big or go home, this Magformers Fantasy Land 126 pc set allows you to create everything you need for an amusement park in style. It comes with two characters too, which is always a big deal for the kids. Magformers have quite possibly (highly likely!) the best quality of construction when it comes to magnet toys. They are designed to be smooth so they don't hurt fingers, and they are powerful enough to stick where you put them but not too powerful to make them unpleasant (no pinched fingers!). I have loved Magformers for as long as they have been around, and though they are a little pricier than other magnet toy kits, they are 100% worth it. The quality is above and beyond.


Build and create with Magformers Fantasy Land 126Pc Set. This Magformers Deluxe set arrives with 9 different geometric magnetic shapes totalling 70 Pieces and 23 different accessories totalling 56 pieces. Build an imaginative Magformers world and create a toy shop, hotdog stand, and carnival rides! Add our Magbuddies characters to the ferris wheel and create fun for all the family! The perfect set for the Magformers enthusiast. Ages 3+ MSRP $149.99. 

The Giveaway Item: Magformers Basic Plus Kit to take on the Go (and this is being offered as a giveaway below!).

If the Magformers above sound like something you would enjoy, please know that these are great for travel too. They take up very little room, and they all magnetize together so they won't get lost. This basic 30pc set is perfect for bringing along in the car or on an airplane (train, bus, etc.). It is sure to keep the kids quietly engaged and they will have fun playing with it too. You can design and redesign these in any way you find appealing. If you like this set, keep scrolling and enter to try to win one of your own!

Magformers can be found in retail stores nationwide and on Amazon.


Create 3D structures from 2D nets with Magformers Basic Plus 30Pc Set. Add on to your Squares and Triangles, with new magnetic Circles, Square Inner Circle and Circle. Create houses, towers and our ‘magic ball’. Learn to build using combine, roll and pull-up techniques and see what your imagination can create! Build with 10 Rainbow magnetic Triangles, 12 Squares, 4 Squares with inner circle shapes and 4 circles. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions and develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills and problem-solving ability. Ages 3+ MSRP $49.99.

The giveaway is for one 30-piece Basic Plus Kit from Magformers (as seen above).

US entrants only. Ends 7/17/22.

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