Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Still Shopping for Dad? Top 3 Companies to Buy from for Father's Day

Disclosure: I received sample products or a discount code to use towards the purchase of them. All opinions stated however, are genuine and my own.

If you're still looking for Father's Day gifts, these three companies offer high quality gifts dad will love, at very affordable prices!

1. Is dad a sports guy? Does he like games? If so, Masterpieces sells quite a few games AND you can choose from many teams...NBA (who is watching the Golden State/Boston Celtics Finals?), MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, etc. The prices are amazing at this store as well. The two items I have showcased are both gifts that can be bought for under $20.

We chose NCAA and NFL for the dads over here. 

  • The Florida State Seminoles Checkers Game is great if you want to challenge dad one-on-one. The classic board game is sure to please football-loving dads, or dads who have gone to college (choose their alma mater). The particular dad this is for, is a Florida Gator... KIDDING...KIDDING, honest, I am. 🤣 This is for a Florida State Seminole through and through.

This MasterPieces NCAA Florida State Checkers Game is the classic game of checkers where the king wears a Florida State football helmet! The Florida State checkers game includes 24 Florida State checkers pieces, 8 Florida State football helmet king pieces, a 13" x 21.375" Florida State game board, 1 sticker sheet, and an instruction sheet.

  • The Dallas Cowboys Team Trivia Challenge can be played with two or more players. For the dad this is going to, no one is going to be able to beat him on Dallas Cowboys trivia. It will be a good way for him to show off though. 🏈

Do you think you know the Dallas Cowboys better than anyone else?  Here’s your chance to prove it with the Dallas Cowboys Trivia Challenge.  Each trivia card contains 5 questions about the Dallas Cowboys.  If a player answers a question correctly, they get to keep the card.  The player with the most cards at the end wins.  Includes 50 trivia cards with 250 team-specific questions.  Recommended for ages 12 and up.

2. Noun Naturals has all of the personal care items you might need for dad. From body wash, to soap, to shampoo, and beyond, this is a company who knows how to pamper dad. I've chosen a few items from the beard care line to show you. Beards are so popular right now, and giving dad some high quality products to care for his is sure to make him smile. It's also a personal gift that no one else is going to use. And yes, it's nice to share, but sometimes dad just deserves something he can call his own.

Items shown above

  • Beard Oil This natural and organic beard oil has been referred to as 'liquid gold.' Serves as conditioner, moisturizer and oil all in one. Available in 3 scents.
  • Balm Get rid of the chemicals add make sure your hair and beard are right where you want them to be. All-natural balm is rich in the vitamins and minerals that help strengthen hair.
  • Bamboo Beard Comb Train your hair to lie in the right direction with the bamboo wide-tooth comb. This tool can also give your beard a fuller appearance after you give it a good combing through.
  • Beard Butter With Cocoa and Shea Butter, as well as several oils this organic leave-in conditioner is perfect for helping protect against brittle hair and breaking. No greasy finish, and absorbs for an all-day sheen/shine.

Dad will be all too excited if he receives Noun Natural beard products for Father’s Day. These beard & mustache grooming products will give him everything he needs to keep that beard and mustache healthy, clean, conditioned & styled. The key to having a great beard of stash is all in the oils - natural oils that is. Which your wife and kids will thank you!

Khaled Atallah, started the company after seeing the success of using hair oils on his own hair. From an early age, Khaled had thinning hair. His mother used oils on his hair nightly as a natural treatment, luckily resulting in beautiful thick hair. Once word got out, even hair lovers like Odell Beckham Junior and Korey Hess use Noun Naturals regularly. Noun Naturals beard products - Beard OilBeard BalmBeard Butter, and Bamboo Wooden Comb - works to help thicken and regrow hair through a variety of concentrated oils to bolster proper hair nutrition. When your hair is properly moisturized through vital nutrients and minerals like blackseed and rosemary oils, your hair will thicken, literally! This is man’s new best friend.

3. Gourmet Gift Baskets has quite the selection of goodies. There is something any dad would love. Looking for sweet? Grab the bundt basket shown above. Looking for savory? They have that too. Fruit and nut baskets? Yep and yep. Just about any gourmet goodie package you can think of already exists and in wonderful packaging to boot. This suggestion may sound familiar, since I recently wrote about it on the blog. You can see my top 3 picks here

These are my Top 3 Places to shop for Father's Day this year. All stores have gifts you can buy that are bound to bring a smile to the face of the special man in your life. Let dad know how special you think he is with the perfect present. You cannot go wrong with any of these options. We've gotten something from each store for the different dads in our family (two of my sons are grown with kids of their own, as is my son-in-law).

See something you like? You can make a purchase by clicking on any of the links in the product descriptions above. Happy shopping, and Happy Father's Day to all of the dads!


  1. You have some great ideas here. I think my husband would be all about the gourmet basket!

  2. These look like great gift ideas, I can think of a couple of my sons that would probably love the beard care items!

  3. I know so many men that a real gourmet. They appreciate the best food and wine! A gourmet gift basket is an awesome idea!

  4. My son told me that he didn't want to get his dad anything for Father's Day. If I got his dad something, it would most likely be something small.

  5. I was looking for ideas! Thanks! These are perfect!

  6. I think my husband would love the idea of a gourmet gift basket. He would really enjoy that Bundt basket as he loves cakes!!!

  7. I can't believe fathers day is almost upon us! These are wonderful ideas! I definitely will be looking at getting some for my husband!

  8. My husband could benefit from the beard kit and would love anything related to his favorite sports teams!

  9. I'd like to receive both food and the grooming kit. That would be exciting for me.

  10. Wow! These are great gifts to choose from, perfect for this Father's Day celebration.

  11. These are all really great and amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. That basket with bunt cakes looks amazing and I love that custom chess board :) Great and unique gifts for sure!

  13. Thanks for the reminder, I have to check out these sites.

  14. Oh my Father's Day already? Im glad I came across to this post lots of great ideas to choose for.

  15. I hope your adult boys had a great Father's Day! Jason got body scrub, a new coffee mug and treats for the day.


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