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The Best Coffees for Coffee Lovers

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If you can’t get enough of the dark bitter boost of caffeine and are getting more particular about your beans, it might be time to start branching out and trying different flavors and types of coffee.

Some people have their coffee with cream, sweeteners, sauces, syrups, etc. In comparison, others prefer to have their coffee with just a little milk - or maybe none at all.

What is true of all coffee lovers is that there are some coffees that you have to try when the opportunity arises.

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Turkish Coffee

If you want to have a coffee that stands head and shoulders above many other types, then Turkish coffee is the one for you. If prepared and presented in the right way, it will be sweet, full-body, and the smell will be intense and incredible.

You won’t often find this coffee anywhere but in a Turkish restaurant, but if you get the chance, you should certainly order it.

Alternatively, you can leave to make it! You’ll need Turkish coffee, cold filtered water, a Cezve, and sugar.


A cortado is a very simple drink, and yet also very simple to get wrong too! The Cortado is one of the most commonly sipped coffees in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

You need some high-quality espresso beans and a milk frother to make a great cortado. Once your espresso is made, then you need to froth a small amount of warm milk. The key to a great cortado mostly comes down to the right temperature and amount of milk.

Iced Coffee

If you haven’t been drinking ice coffee, then you have been missing out on a refreshing beverage that can give you your much-loved flavor in the summer months. One of the things that many people get wrong is pouring hot coffee over a cup of ice cubes. This will heavily water down the coffee.

Take some time to make your cold brew in advance to get the caffeine and flavor you should have. Instead of adding milk, opt for something sweeter and creamier like sweet cream cold foam.

Irish Coffee

If you like a little twist on your coffee, then Irish coffee is the one for you! The is a coffee with a helping of thick cream, Irish whiskey, and sugar.

It has a strong flavor profile and isn’t one for the faint of heart. All you need to make a delicious and well-balanced Irish Coffee you need 25ml of your chosen Irish Whiskey, one teaspoon of raw cane sugar, hot double espresso, and a heaped tablespoon of whipped cream.

The culmination is a very warming coffee with a lot of flavors. The sweetness of the sugar brings a lot of notes forward in the whiskey and then contrasts with the bitterness of the double espresso.

There are some incredible options for coffee, and for coffee lovers, there are plenty of delicious options to try! And if all of the different options aren’t enough, there are even health benefits; learn more about them here: Mail4Rosey: 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee.


  1. I really enjoyed this fun facto post about coffee. I'd like to try a true Cortado. Sounds delish.

  2. Awesome fun facts about coffee. I really would like to try a true Cortado coffee. Sounds delish.

  3. I love Irish coffee! Been a while since I had a cup to enjoy. Now I want to head out to my favorite coffee shop and enjoy a great cup.

  4. Irish Coffee yessss...I love the taste of whiskey in my coffee, just a hint of it of course.

  5. I love iced coffee. I haven't had it in a while but I want it.

  6. The only coffee here I'd try is iced coffee. I'm more of a tea drinker as you know lol.

  7. I can't help it but I don't like coffee, always been a tea drinker

  8. I absolutely Turkey coffee however my favorite is not listed, probably because it is lesser known, I love Cyprus coffee which is alike Turkish coffee but stronger and with a special twist.

  9. Iced coffee for me! Man, I miss being busy the last time when I was in Vegas. Everyday Ice coffee!

  10. I love coffee. Now I prefer iced coffee coz it's so hot here in our country. Iced coffee is so refreshing.

  11. These coffee's sound great. Have you tried Cyprus coffee? It's a fab one to add to the list.

  12. I love good coffee that is for sure and I will have to get some Turkish Coffee :) I am a Pike Place girl..... love it string ;)

  13. I really like Vietnamese coffee, with sweetened, condensed milk in the bottom! It's perfect for when you are making just one, sweet cup.


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