Thursday, March 31, 2022

How To Expand Your Taste Horizons & Stop Picky Eating

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Picky eating is unfortunately far more common than you might expect. There's such a large number of people who stick with the same meals over and over again, never straying far from their turkey dinosaurs or take out burgers out of fear of exploring different flavours. However, being a picky eater can actually have a devastating impact on your health in the long term, as you'll be limiting your body to the minimal nutrients that go into the small array of foods that you are willing to consume; if you only like professed, oven-ready foods, then you'll be lacking nearly every essential vitamin and mineral that your mind and body needs to thrive. Fortunately, overcoming your fears so that you can expand your taste horizons doesn't have to be as difficult as you might imagine, as this guide contains a variety of effective steps and innovative ideas that you can utilize to start eating more vibrant and exotic foods in no time at all! So, simply read on to find out more.

Explore Country-Specific Cuisine

One of the easiest ways to begin your journey to new foods is by exploring country-specific cuisine. Research different cuisines and dishes to see what the average individual in a specific country or state is likely to eat, as this way you'll get a better idea of what kinds of foods they consume around the globe. You might like the sound of Japanese food if you enjoy the taste of rice and raw fish, or you might prefer Mexican food if you like spices and corn or beans. Taking the opportunity to actually visit an authentic restaurant that serves food from one specific region is the best option, as this way you can taste test what the real dish is supposed to be like, rather than attempting to recreate it yourself at home. There's bound to be lots of Barrio Queen Locations near you if you're interested in tasting some authentic cuisine, but there will also be a range of other Chinese, Jamaican, Italian and even Greek or Spanish restaurants that you can visit to get the most traditional experience possible. It's so much easier to try new foods when you're in safe hands, so be sure to read reviews to identify whether it's worth the trip before you head out to chow down on some authentic world food.

Consider Eating Alone

Eating alone can be a great way to encourage yourself to try new things, as you won't be discouraged or put off by those around you, and you may even be inspired to put greater effort into finishing your plate as a lone diner. Eating alone means that you won't have someone at the other side of the table judging your food choices or watching you eat, and this is something that impacts upon many picky eaters. Taking the opportunity to enjoy a single meal without being distracted by other people around the table could be the ideal way to expand your food horizons, so don't be afraid to take yourself out for a dinner date to increase your chances of enjoying a more exotic meal!


  1. I was very fortunate. My parents exposed us to different meals from different cultures from a very early age.

  2. This reminds me of my son when he was little. A picky eater to put it mildly. Then in his teen years he'd eat anything and everything. The picky was gone.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  3. Hi Rosey - I'm just fortunate ... I'm always happy to try new foods and from birth was brought up to eat everything - perhaps helping with my delight in all foods = yes some I'll prefer ... but all foods nourish (allergies excepted) ... take care and I do encourage everyone to have a mixed diet. Take care - Hilary

  4. I do tend to eat the same things most of the time, but not too much processed food.

  5. I love to try new foods, but I do have my limits. If it comes out of the sea and is really ugly (like octopus) I'd pass.

  6. I'm a bit of a picky eater myself. I do enjoy trying foods from different places and will eat a wide range but there are some things I avoid more because of personal preference than anything else.


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