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--- 10 Ways To Add More Excitement To Your Life In 2022

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Life can be exciting with a lot to offer. The smallest or simple changes, a shift in your thinking and self-improvement, can make your life more fun, adventurous, and fascinating. With all that has happened in the last few months, life has seemed a bit dull, with nothing to do. However, you can improve this by making small departures from the current norms. Here are 10 ways to make your life more exciting in 2022.

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1. Be an early bird

Many research articles suggest that people who wake up early daily get so much done and live a better and enjoyable life. While it may seem hard to get out of your warm bed, you should consider waking up early, breathing in the fresh air, and starting your day early. Make plans to watch the sunrise even if you are not a morning person. Get yourself a good cup of coffee or tea and remind yourself of all the possibilities the day brings.

2. Don't skip breakfast

Experts say that a good and healthy breakfast is an important meal of your day. After sleeping for between six and seven hours, your body is depleted of energy and water. It is essential to refuel with a healthy diet. You want to make sure you take in a lot of water in the morning. A good breakfast should replenish your glucose supply to boost energy and alertness while providing you with all the essential nutrients to start your day on a good note.

3. Make time and room

Many people live busy lives making it difficult to make time for anything else. Due to this, few people have time to meet up and connect with old friends and relatives or take a short trip to a scenic place. This is understandable, especially when you spend most of your day at work and other time-consuming activities. However, you can make time for other things too. People living and enjoying life's moments prioritize what's most important to them. Therefore, to live an exciting life, make room for other things that matter most to you apart from work, and you'll be surprised by how exciting life can be.

4. Try something new

You can try your hands on some new craft or explore a fun project you and your family can enjoy. You could also try to reconnect with an old hobby or skill you may have. Trying something new adds to your value as a person. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment. Besides, there is nothing more exciting than overcoming a challenge or completing something new! So, make your year more exciting by coming out of your comfort zone by trying something new. You can try an exciting smoked brisket recipe for your family or learn a new language.

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5. Pray/Meditate

Research has shown many benefits of meditation. From reducing your stress and pressure, meditation can also increase your ability to focus. Experts also say that practicing 25 minutes of meditation each day can improve your brain function while enhancing your cognitive abilities associated with behaviors linked to achieving your goals. How about learning meditation to make you more productive and enjoy life? For me, it's prayer. I like to spend some time reading the Bible and praying in the morning. It relaxes me and helps me get a positive frame of mind before I begin my day.

6. Take a road trip

You need to take a road trip to relax your mind from time to time. The human brain isn't designed to focus on one thing for an extended period, so it can be helpful to break your all-work routine for a short weekend trip. Such trips can be good to break some ice and reflect on what you achieved and what else you want to achieve. It could be a short trip to an interesting location nearby or exploring the countryside. A road trip doesn't always have to be far or burden your budget.

7. Disconnect from the internet

With everything connected to the internet today, we spend more time on our smart devices than ever. Recent data shows that the average social media user time amounted to 145 minutes each day. However, this is a lot if you want to do something fulfilling. You don't have the whole day so find an appropriate time to disconnect from the world and the internet, stay by yourself and do something positive. It could be a new project, reflecting on your life, completing an essential task, reading a book, or reviewing your goals. I used to be online so much, but now I spend just a short amount of time on it during the week, and I can feel that difference, in a good way.

8. Worry less about what people say

You cannot avoid this principle if you want to live excitingly. Life can be simple, and you want to live it your way. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you do, so you can avoid the naysayers and never live according to how people want you to be. Although it is essential to living a legal and ethical life, you want to follow your heart and make your own decisions. For instance, if you love singing, sing your heart out. Listening to people's negative opinions would only take away your happiness and weigh you down. I wish I could teach this one to the young people I know. So many of them put so much stock on what others say or think.

9. Read a book

Reading can be an easy way to add some fun to your life. While you can read any book, it can be useful to focus on personal development books to inspire and motivate you. Yet, you can change your books based on your hobby or mood. Reading offers many benefits, including managing your stress levels, training your focus, enhancing your knowledge, and becoming more confident.

10. Make a new friend

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Nobody is superhuman, and we can all use somebody. Having little assistance and networking creates a solid foundation for living a successful life. Who do you talk to when you need some help? The secret to many success stories is knowing how to leverage your network to get things done for you. It can be helpful to commit to making a new friend now and then.

Variety is a spice of life, and expanding your daily experiences can make life more fulfilling. While your routine may leave you uptight or overwhelmed with less room for any adventure, this article offers some ideas to break it up and spice your life.


  1. I can do all of those things. Excellent list for well being.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  2. Years of waking up super early means I can't sleep in anymore on Saturday. Always do breakfast though. Gives me good energy. So does prayer. Road trip... that tends to be stressful as everyone always drives too slow.

  3. I'm on board for all of this but being an early bird. I've tried for years to be an early bird, but if it's scheduled before 9am, count me out. My brain just doesn't want to function in the mornings.

  4. Hi Rosey - excellent ideas here - definitely agree with them, except the breakfast ... doesn't suit me - never has, even as a kid that's the way it was/is! Lots of good ideas here - cheers Hilary

  5. These are some good tips that I need to start implementing into my life. Waking up early and eating breakfast are my biggest hurdles.


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