Friday, December 3, 2021

Finding a Career Path That Truly Fits You

 Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Please welcome today's contributor.

It can be surprisingly difficult to find a career path that really suits you. Most of us embark on our current careers not because we wanted to, but because it was the most financially-stable path that was available to us at the time. While you might be content with your stability now, you might find yourself longing for something more meaningful.

So if this is how you feel about your career path, why not consider pursuing a different path that really suits you? I have a love/hate relationship with my job. Some years I love it, some years...not really, but during the times I love it, I really, really love it. And during the times I don't, well, I really don't. Fortunately, I have been lucky the last couple of years, however, I do always wish that I had a better income. I'm grateful for what I have, but we could surely use more.


What disliking your job does to you

So what exactly are the effects of disliking your job? What happens to you as a result of a long-running career path that doesn’t suit you?

  • You’ll feel more stressed out.

  • Your chance of developing an illness increases

  • It leads to uncontrolled weight gain

  • Sleep loss becomes more common

  • You’ll experience a lack of motivation

  • You might face career stagnation

  • You may have low confidence since you’re not trying new things

These are just a few examples of what might happen to you if you dislike your job but never do anything about it. It’s a good idea to try and do something new if you think that these problems are already starting to negatively affect you.

Choosing a career that will be in-demand in the future

You might be interested in careers that don’t actually exist right now or at least aren’t as widely open right now. There are many careers that will be in demand in the future and it’s usually a good way to identify what skills will be useful in the future for building a successful career. So if you’re still a bit unsure about deciding what path you want to follow, you might be interested in looking for future career opportunities instead.

Revisit your old passions

It’s also a good idea to revisit some of your old passions. These are things that you used to have a passion for but, due to work-related circumstances and other commitments, just couldn’t find the time to pursue.

Chasing your passions to do something you truly love

But if you’ve already got an idea of what kind of passions you have, then why not consider chasing? You could become a fitness instructor and even take a test now to get your certification. You can start your own social media pages as a music artist and show the world how great your singing and music production skills are. Alternatively, you can even start a blog and talk about something that you’re really passionate about and find a way to make a living from it.

Trying something that is completely new to you

Lastly, you can also consider trying something that is completely new to you, something that you haven’t even considered before today. You might need to look around for inspiration here, such as checking out YouTube or even looking at what your friends and family members are doing. It’s completely possible that you’ll find something that really resonates with you and the type of career that you want to nurture.


  1. You need to do what you love to make it a career. I did that when I put on a Sheriff's Office uniform. I love every minute.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

    1. You were very fortunate to love your work. :) I love mine too (most days). There was a year where I didn't though...and that was tough.

  2. Jason's been on the hunt for a new career. He's put in like 30 applications in the past month but it's hard finding the right fit. After almost 25 years of doing his current job, it's definitely time for a change. He's been so unhappy with work for the past several years, I'm hoping a new venture pops up for him soon.

    1. I wish him well. I hope he finds his perfect fit. Life's too short to be unhappy for such a big chunk of your day.


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