Friday, November 26, 2021

How Vegans Can Ensure They Hit Their Fitness Goals

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In many ways, getting the balance of vitamins you need as a vegan can be a lot easier since fruit and veg tend to be packed with them. However, there are ways that being a vegan can be harder, especially when it comes to maintaining a well-rounded diet. This is going to apply to the foods that can help you get fit, as well.

You need to be ready for diet, nutrition, and exercise to require more prep work and more attention. As such, here, we’re going to look at the essential tips you might need to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrition in your diet that can help you work out and see the results you want.

Eat your darker leafed veggies

You need to make sure that you have the right balance of nutrients, especially when you want to build muscle mass or lose weight. Improving your circulation is going to play an important role in helping your body keep up with exercise. Vegans can get the balance of nutrients they need without too much difficulty, but you need to make sure that you’re opening up the variety of vegetables that you eat, and make sure that you’re using darker leafed vegetables in your dinner, such as spinach.

Getting the fuel you need for your exercise

You’re going to need fuel to burn during your exercise routines. This is especially true if you’re trying to build some muscle. However, the quality of energy you burn is going to be affected by what kinds of food that you eat. When you’re looking for carbs, make sure that you’re choosing complex carbohydrates which more easily break down into glucose. Thankfully, vegans don’t need to look too far for sources of complex carbohydrates, with peas, beans, and whole grains being some of the most reliable sources of them.

Staying strong with iron

Iron can be a relatively sore subject for vegans since there are very few sources of non-hema (or non-animal) products that are able to deliver iron as efficiently as straight up eating meat. As a result, it’s a good idea to eat meals that have more iron-rich foods if you can’t absorb that iron as easily. For instance, this easy vegan chili is a good source of iron through both the legumes that are in it, as well as the use of soy sauce. Most soy foods are good sources of iron, with natto being one of the most effective. Vitamin C rich foods and drinks can help you absorb iron much more effectively, as well.

Pump up with protein

If you thought iron could be difficult to get when you’re a vegan, then protein can be even more of a hassle, especially since protein powders (which is how most non-vegans top-up their protein needs) are not suitable for those avoiding animal products. However, there are vegan protein powders that are starting to release and become more widely available. You may not find it at your local health or wellbeing stores, but you can order them online. Protein is essential for your workouts, helping you build muscle more effectively so you can both work out more efficiently and build muscle.

Don’t drink tons of carbs

While complex carbohydrates can play a vital role in helping to fuel your workouts, you should be mindful of the simple carbohydrates which are common in a lot of processed foods, which are much harder to burn off, are lower in fiber (so less good for your digestive system) and take more time to digest, so they can leave you feeling sluggish. It’s easy to avoid these by not eating processed meals but there are also lots of drinks, including sports drinks, that are high in these. Stick to water or, if you want something a little more flavorful, make yourself a smoothie or look at keto-friendly drinks.

Managing your gut health

If you want to get the best out of the food that you eat, process waste efficiently, and get the nutritional quality from what you consume, then you need to look after both your digestion and your immune system. Probiotics and prebiotics can help greatly with that and there are options like soy yogurts that can help you do that as readily as any dairy yogurt. Similarly, fermented vegetables like kimchi can help you manage your gut health more effectively, too.

Getting fit is never easy and, as stated, everything's a little harder for vegans when it comes to managing your diet. With the right prep and commitment, however, nothing should stop you from getting the physique you want.


  1. I have been a vegetarian for many years and am leaning towards becoming a vegan. LOTS of vegies contain protein and I have never felt the need to add protein powders to my diet.

  2. These are all great tips. I can't do vegan. I just love cheese and honey way too much to give them up completely, but I admire those who can!

  3. It's so good that there are loads more options now for vegans or vegetarians to get all of the vitamins and good things they need. And supplements are easy to get hold of x

  4. I have always wondered how it is best to stay fit and strong on a vegan diet, these tips are very handy!

  5. Great tips. I try and workout 4-5 times per week and my diet is important, too. I still do eat meat but not a lot so these are great tips!

  6. I always was more curious on how vegans balanced their meals. This is such a good guide on how they can get all of what they need.

  7. These are all amazing tips!!! Don't drink your calories, I've heard about this one before and I agree...

  8. So informative! I need to share this info with my vegan friend. She'll definitely find these tips helpful :)

    Everything Enchanting <3

  9. I’m glad you added gut health to the list! This is super important!


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