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How To Make A Christmas Eve Box For The Kids In Your Life

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Creating a Christmas Eve Box could be a fun and relatively inexpensive new tradition for your family if you are looking for something new and different to do this festive period. While it has been aimed at younger children generally, it is still perfect for older children who still want to keep the Christmas magic alive.

A Christmas Eve Box is a package that contains a range of interesting and fun activities that your family can indulge in on Christmas Eve to make the celebration more memorable. The most fun part is that you can personalize it to your family's interests by including activities that everyone will appreciate. Customize your family's Christmas Eve box to meet their specific requirements and interests.

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Where do Christmas Eve boxes originate from?

Despite the fact that Christmas Eve boxes have grown increasingly popular in the last few years, they have foundations in an established tradition. In Germany, it was customary to open gifts on the 24th of December rather than on Christmas Day itself.

It does not matter if your family is not from Germany, anyone can enjoy this tradition and participate in it. Little ones become quite excited on Christmas Eve, and knowing that they have something to look forward to before they go to bed helps to calm them down. Because they received a gift, it is possible that they will sleep a little better that night.

Choosing the right box

You are not required to have a specific Christmas box, or even a box at all. You could instead use a fancy box or a basket.

You can either give a box to each individual or a box to the whole family. Younger children may choose to have their own boxes, whilst older children may prefer to have things that they can do as a family in a single box that they can all share.

What can you put in a Christmas Eve box?

The following are some suggestions on things to include in your Christmas Eve Box.

Christmas PJs

Because your children will open the box before going to bed, pop in some cozy Christmas pajamas in the package. They get something useful, and you get your children dressed in adorable pajamas for your Christmas morning photographs.

Some families also purchase pajamas for the grown ups, too.  Pajamas for the whole family that match or coordinate are readily

available and make for great photos and memories. 

Christmas socks

Whether you choose to wear Christmas socks as well as or instead of pajamas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,

everyone will appreciate a funky pair of festive socks to wear on the day.

Christmas books

For younger children, you might want to consider purchasing a Custom Christmas book that your entire family can enjoy together.

Children will enjoy curling up on the sofa with their parents and siblings and reading Christmas stories to unwind before going

to bed for the night.

Hot chocolate

If your children enjoy hot chocolate, include some cute mugs as well as individual packages of hot chocolate for everyone. You also could decorate it with marshmallows, flakes, candy canes and sprinkles to make it look even more festive and yummy. Make sure you have squirty cream or some chocolate syrup on hand as well!


  1. Clever idea. My brother's family always did the Christmas PJs.

  2. What a fabulous idea. I've not heard of this before. Brilliant.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, my friend. ♥

  3. So fun! I need to make one of these boxes for my kids. I love the idea of hot chocolate.

  4. I love the idea of Christmas Eve box. Pj’s are my choice.

  5. These would be fun to make. My boys would love all the treats.

  6. Great post. I think this sounds like a great tradition. I give my daughter her Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve.

  7. A great idea. Our expanded family we change names. This sounds like a better suggestion than one gift.

  8. This is a really nice ang great idea! We haven't tried this before. I'm sure this would be fun to make.

  9. I can't wait to make mine. I find it really good fun. Some many great little treats to excite the kids.

  10. Hot Chocolate Mugs are such an amazing idea for Christmas Box! Thank you for the suggestions!

  11. We actually open gifts on Christmas Eve and those are great gift ideas. -LYNNDEE

  12. We've been giving our kids Christmas Eve boxes for years, we always included pajamas and a Christmas ornament. I wish I would have thought to include a book.

  13. Such fun ideas. We've always let the girls open one gift on Christmas Eve, but I like the idea of giving a box with a few select goodies in it.

  14. We've done Christmas books and pjs. How fun. I love this time of year, but it does get harder as they age.


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