Monday, September 6, 2021

Useful Tips On Successfully Managing A Team

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Whatever their jobs are, your staff are what keeps your business running. Everyone, from cleaners to elite salespeople, contributes to the smooth operation of your company. A solid team, on the other hand, needs a strong leader to guide them, and if you're not running things effectively, you can't expect your team to follow suit. So, how do you properly manage a team? Unfortunately, there is no correct or incorrect answer. There are, however, a number of things to keep in mind to help guide you along the road. Check out some things to keep in mind when managing a team.


Time management tools are really helpful

It's all too easy to let time pass you by. However, projects must be completed, and your staff will require guidance in establishing time frames for their responsibilities. You obviously can't be present to ensure that everyone spends the appropriate amount of time on each task, so implement time management tools for your team and you! Time management systems notify you when it is time to switch jobs, allow you to arrange brief and frequent breaks to keep you as awake as possible, and help you to prioritise deadlines. There are numerous free time management tools available, but if you want the full benefits, we strongly advise enrolling in a paid version.

Happy staff = happy business

You've probably heard the phrase "happy wife, happy life." The same principle applies to your business (albeit it may not be as easy to say). Keeping your employees happy is essential for encouraging motivation, productivity, teamwork, and communication. But how can you keep an entire team happy? Treat them fairly, speak to them not at them, and use encouraging language to keep motivation levels high. Remember to listen to feedback you’re given so you can continuously improve the workplace for both you and your team! Having a happy team will also show to customers, therefore making you seem more trustworthy in the long run.

Compassion is key

Life changes, and while it's essential to find a way to keep work and personal life separate, it's not always possible. A sick child or the death of a pet or loved one will disrupt work, and it is essential that you show compassion to your employees when such events occur. Taking the time to offer your personal help in things like helping them look for Pet Urns from or offering to drive them to the hospital will help show you genuinely care. This will gain you respect and loyalty from your staff, which means that when they return to work, they will be motivated and as productive as possible.


Unfortunately, you cannot expect a team to be enthusiastic and productive overnight. Your drive comes from the ultimate goal, just like it does for a fitness regimen or buying your first home, and that is what you must supply for your employees! Give them incentives such as an extra day of paid vacation, a raise in income, or even a promotion! You'll be astonished at how much this improves motivation and productivity.

Talk to your team

If your team works well together and there are no snags, you're one of the lucky ones! No team, especially in the office, can be expected to be perfect 100 percent of the time! Holding regular meetings for all employees will allow them to clear the air, get things off their chest, and give everyone a chance to contribute to the success of your company.

Give back to your team

Your team are the cranks that turn the cogs of your business, and they will need a break every now and then if they are working long hours! Even if you undoubtedly already allow them to take appropriate breaks, do you provide a variety of refreshments, such as tea, coffee, and cold water? While this is not required, it will certainly increase employee morale and ensure that they are as refreshed as possible throughout each break. Vending machines are rather inexpensive these days, and a kettle will not break the bank!


  1. All great things to do. I so remember doing the impossible with a great team.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

  2. My partner who runs his own business really struggles with this. Going to share this with him...managing people and teams is so hard and yes you are right compassion is key.

  3. As someone who managed a large team for years, these are all great tips!

  4. Managing people isn't easy. I'm not in a position of management right now, but I have been. The relationship with those you manage is so important.

  5. Happy staff = happy business. I wish this was something that my husband's boss understood. Moral is always down at his company and even the new second in charge, who took over when Jason stepped down, is now complaining that the job is nothing like what he thought it would be when he got hired. Jason will hopefully be getting a job elsewhere very soon *fingers crossed* Change is scary, but he's been unhappy at work for years and downright miserable there for the past year because the owner doesn't give a flip about employee happiness.

  6. Working with teams has changed so much over the last year. Remote working has its advantages but it can be harder to keep a team connected.


  7. Surely for those who have to do with this these are really fundamental info and tips!

  8. These are all really good tips. Also, be careful when hiring and only take someone on when you know they will work well with the rest of your team.

  9. Really great topics to hit on here. This is key for running a successful business especially when you're in charge of others.

  10. I had this wonderful thought about teams. Then it all went out the window. I was given proposals to critique. I critiqued them like I would my design students. Apparently that’s not ok here. They don’t care about the type, layout, and how the images look.

    They only want critiques on spelling issues. I was told really bitchy like one day that.

    I just want to work at a place that gives a crap about their appearance just as much as spelling and grammer.

  11. These are great points for employers to consider, and I know a lot of places could really use this advice. Wish this was the case for all businesses!

  12. Communication through taking to your team and your team being able to trust and talk to you is very important! Managing people can be really challenging. Thank you for your tips.

  13. So many good tips here indeed and I do agree that happy staff means they are willing to do more work and their mental well being is taken care off


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