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Strategies to Prevent Food and Drink from Staining Your Teeth: Foods to Avoid for Tooth Stains

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Foods and drinks that stain teeth are a common problem for many people, but it doesn't have to be. Eating certain types of food can cause your teeth to change color permanently over time if you aren't careful. You can also visit A Life of Smiles in grand Rapids, MI to get professional help.

This article will provide you with tips on avoiding staining your teeth when eating or drinking anything that might contain substances like tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, and fruit juices!


Excessive Tea and Coffee Intake

Tea and coffee are not the main culprits when it comes to staining your teeth. But if you drink either of these beverages in excess, there is a risk that they can contribute to tooth discoloration over time. The reason is that tooth enamel leaves microscopic pores which absorb liquid from food or drinks consumed; tea has tannic acid content, which reacts with calcium on the surface of our teeth to stain them yellowish brown.

Coffee contains polyphenols (caffeine) that react with collagen proteins in tooth dentin, causing staining. Generally speaking, excessive consumption of any beverage will cause some degree of dental problems down the road, so be sure not to exceed two cups for adults per day.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the worst culprits for staining teeth. The higher a person's intake, the more their enamel will be affected and darken over time. A diet that includes alcoholic beverages can also lead to tooth decay because alcohol breaks down your mouth's protective lining causing it to dry out.

Tomato-Based Sauces

Tomato-based sauces are known (this one is new news to me!) for their ability to stain teeth. Ketchup is one of the worst offenders as it contains both sugar and tomatoes, but this can also happen with spaghetti sauce or salsa.

Fruit Juices

In addition to other acidic foods, fruit juices such as orange juice contain a lot of citric acids. It can cause the pH in your mouth to drop, leading to tooth erosion and an increased risk for cavities.

The best way to get around this problem is to drink water after a fruit or vegetable-based smoothie, right after you finish it. Doing this will rinse away the sugars that have been left behind on your teeth and leave them feeling clean.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is from soybeans, wheat, and salt. Soy contains a sugar called "alpha-galactosidase," which breaks down the protein in saliva that helps keep your teeth healthy. One tablespoon of soy sauce can contain up to one gram of alpha-galactosidase. However, this may cause tooth staining because it increases bacteria levels on teeth and gums, causing them to break down their enamel - so if you want fresh-looking, beautiful white teeth, make sure not to consume this condiment too often!


In conclusion, if you have a diet high in soy sauce, red wine, tomato-based sauces, or fruit juices - be aware that these can cause tooth staining. Unfortunately, the only way to stop some form of tooth staining (such as age) is through dental care such as professional cleaning visits every six months with an oral hygienist. Remember, prevention is critical, though, when considering all the ways food and drinks stain our pearly whites!


  1. These are great tips to help keep your teeth as white as you can. My husband drinks a lot of tea and it shows.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  2. I have never thought about the foods that are causing the staining, I always go for a solution rather than the problem. This is very interesting!

  3. An interesting read. I only drink peppermint tea which I think is not good for staining. I do use soy sauce a lot also!

  4. Hi Rosey - interesting to read about and any of these can lead to tooth deterioration too = as I think I've found out to my horror - but being dealt with ... cheers Hilary

  5. This is so important. I know I try to stay away from a lot of these things, even though staying away from tomato-based sauces is super hard.

  6. I use charcoal powder and that does wonders keeping my teeth their natural color. I drink a lot of tea, so a brush with charcoal 2 or 3 times a week keeps the stains at bay.

  7. These are interesting facts!! I did not know that tomato based sauces and soy sauce causes teeth to discolour! Thanks for sharing that.

  8. Amazing facts! Thank you for sharing them all!

  9. Oh wow, this is such an informative post! I must take care of my teeth. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

    Everything Enchanting


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