Friday, July 16, 2021

Shark Week Sale: 10% Off All Fossilera Purchases

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. Please note that products mentioned in this blog post may not be available. Please check website for current availability. 

To help celebrate Shark Week, Fossilera is still running their 10% off sale (no coded needed) now through Sunday, July 18th. 

They have reasonably priced shark teeth for the littles and super serious pieces for the collector, such as those seen above! What amazes me is the simplicity of these teeth and the variations between species. Am I the only one thinking the shark teeth look very similar to their fins? When I see these, I can see them cutting through the ocean (the sharks), owning their space in the water, and just having a grand old time.

As I mentioned before, my four children have alway enjoyed it when they have come across a shark tooth in the sand. My daughter hits the jackpot when she goes searching in Jupiter, Florida. Of course, she's grown now and doesn't spend a lot of time sifting sand for treasure anymore, but she does have two sweet little girls who will no doubt be doing it before you know it.

Have you ever come across a shark tooth on the beach? 

Check out the sale on Fossilera, and while you're there, be sure to browse through the other fossils they have available, as well as take a peek at the crystals. The same daughter I'm talking about in this post, just made a purchase on their website for a whole slew of crystals and rocks. When I took a peek, I was loving the Pyrite Cubes from Spain. Those are gorgeous! And of course, I am mesmerized by the huge selection of shark teeth that are available.

Would you Like 10% Off of Any Purchase at Fossilera?
Visit HERE to start shopping.

Happy Shark Week to You!


  1. These are fantastic! My daughters are into all sorts of fossils and rocks and everything. They would love this!

  2. That’s a pretty interesting one. I’ll check it out. I could have seen my oldest nephew really into this when he was little. Now he’s college aged. Where did the time go?

  3. Happy shark week what a bunch of great gift ideas for the shark lover !!

  4. My son would love to have a sharks tooth. We have a kit we just bought that children dig through that I think has one. I never thought o buy one before seeing your blog.

  5. How fun is this?! Shark week is such a fun event for the family...always interesting to watch all the shows and learn about the different sharks.

  6. It is always interesting to learn about new things and these look very interesting. I am assuming all the fossils are ethically sourced :)

  7. I love fossils! I own a collection of fish fossils, I love it!!! Shark fossils are so cool.


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