Friday, July 23, 2021

Career Ideas For Those Who Love Beauty

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If you love to experiment with fragrances, or makeup and you spend time on your skincare routines, you know what we’re talking about when we say that there is art in the makeup and beauty industries. When you spend much of your time following beauty trends, you know when the most popular skincare and makeup products are about to be released. If you find yourself spending time waiting for these new things, a career in the industry could be for you.

The cosmetics industry is huge, and there are hundreds of opportunities within it just waiting for you! You can try out so many different options in the industry if you don't know where you fit, but if you’re passionate about beauty and finding ways to improve on the beauty goals of others, then this is the industry for you. With this in mind, we’ve put together a great list of the best career ideas for those who love beauty and all it involves.

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  • Dermatologist

Believe it or not, the cosmetic dermatologist mapping your skin and helping you to develop a great skincare routine is a medical doctor. They specialize in skin, hair and nails. If you want to become a dermatologist, you need to have a passion for the extreme cases when it comes to your beauty needs. You should also know that it’s not all makeup and cosmetics; a strong stomach may be required.

  • Eyelash Technician

Oh, those long, long eyelashes you add to your eyes before a night out need to come from somewhere. That wonderful person you see for yours before you go out and party has a career in lashes, and you could have one, too. There’s no need to go through years of beauty school, not when you can be on your way within a few days and the right certification.

  • Graphic Design

The cosmetics industry is always in need of product and packaging designers who are able to keep up with the brands emerging into the industry. You can combine a love of cosmetics and beauty with your awesome skills at a computer.

  • Spa Owner

If you love all things Zen, you’ll love a spa day, right? Perhaps you can’t help but think that you’d love to change everything around in a spa because you think you’d do it better? Either way, you can open your own salon and spa and focus your passions where they lie. Whether it’s skincare and massage, haircare and hair masks, you can own it and be the one calling the shots!

  • Beauty Therapist

Those careers that are all things beauty are best suited for those who can see themselves chatting to clients, getting to know people and being a sounding board for others while beautifying!

  • Nail Technician

You can create artwork in miniature if you’re a nail technician, and working as a nail tech you’ll create the designs that suit the client

in front of you. You can work in a salon or be a freelancer - choices!


  1. I do love beauty, but am more likely to find it in nature than in people.

  2. Eyelash technician....hhhmmm, why do I love the sound of that?

  3. These are all great career ideas. If you're passionate about beauty there are so many areas that you can delve into.

  4. I love it! There's so much out there for those who have an interest and an aptitude for beauty related endeavors. Being a beauty therapist is something I haven't heard of before.

  5. This isn't my thing, but yes, beauty is a well- established field and growing industry. We have more nail and spa places in the Houston area than I can count!

  6. These are great recommendations. I know quite a few people who made the shift from our field in banking to the beauty industry. They mostly became spa owners.

  7. I considered dermatology when I was in medical school but I didn't really think about the beauty aspect. I have friends in some of the other fields.

  8. Great recommendations for those who love the beauty industry. It is always good to have job optons.

  9. Nice one, i think graphic design job would suit me well on cosmetics industry

  10. Yes, all great choices for those who love beauty! I personally wouldn't want to touch strangers all day in my job, but admire those who do. My good friend is a hairdresser and I've heard some horror stories about some of the people who've come into her shop, but she loves making people beautiful so it was a good move for her to go into it as a profession.

  11. There is money in the dermatology/cosmetology field. I see your recommendation helpful for those into the beauty world.

  12. My sister is obsessed with nails and tries new trends...Maybe a nail technician is the perfect job for her!

  13. Those are all wonderful selection of career ideas to choose from. Being a Spa owner sounds like a great idea to be honest.


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