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Improve Your Travel Confidence After Some Time Away

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Even the most ardent and experienced traveler will no doubt agree that having confidence on your journey is important. Not only does it foster your adventurous spirit, but it helps you know your self-worth and ameliorate difficult situations head-on. For instance, if your hotel hasn’t provided the right amount of service to you, then being able to complain about it and uphold your rights as a guest is essential and worthwhile. In other words, when traveling, we cannot be timid.

Of course, it’s also important to consider the fact that many of us have been limited from traveling in the last year thanks to the obvious and necessary Covid restrictions and travel bans. This means that even those who have a confident spirit may feel somewhat out of sorts during their first trip back - and hey, that’s totally okay and nothing to chastise yourself about.

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can more readily improve and maintain your travel confidence even after some time away - making the most of your new plans:

Start Off Small

Starting off small is a good way to improve your travel confidence by building it up slowly. You don’t have to go skydiving or spring up the side of the Sydney harbour bridge in order to feel as though you’ve done well on vacation - a small, relaxing hike around a gorgeous European town or perhaps heading to visit your family in your hometown after five years could be a great place to start.

This can also help your ‘practice’ vacation take on something of a new light, as smaller and simpler often means cheaper, too. This way, you might be able to indulge in activities that you don’t usually attend, or you could travel a little further afield and not simply keep yourself in one spot. This can be a tremendous way of starting off small and becoming more well-versed in what’s out there for you, as well as more motivated to expand things next time around.

Refine Your Wardrobe

We’re not sure how you feel exactly, but for us, dressing well and feeling confident is often bound together quite intimately. It might be that you treat yourself by taking the time to shop makeup products and from there enjoy a celebratory sense of style - once again dressing so that people can see rather than feeling limited in lockdown. 

Little measures like this can make a tremendous difference, and they can even help you feel more ingratiated in a place, such as well when you travel to fashion-conscious environments like Milan with a friend. Of course, refining your wardrobe is more than just looking good but also being practical. If you’re heading on a hiking vacation with a close friend of yours, investing in some practical footwear that helps support your arches is very advisable - and it can make the enormity of walking long distances feel much more possible and worthwhile.

Go With A Friend Or Relative

Heading to your destination with a friend or a relative can be a tremendous way to move forward and benefit from a vacation without feeling as though you have to take on the world alone. We understand that many intrepid travelers often say that solo-adventuring is the most wholesome and engaging way you can do it, but you don’t have to dive in the deep end after lockdown.

Go with a friend or relative, and make it silly and fun! Don’t force yourself to achieve ‘everything’ through the course of an entire vacation away, you can simply attend to the events that you most want to see and travel as much as you desire. Take a totally free and completely comfortable schedule with you, and fill it up as you go along. This way, you can not only enjoy your vacation, but each other’s company, and the confidence and relaxation you get from that in kind.

Take An All-Inclusive Package Deal

If you’re just starting to return back to travel after some time away, well, it can’t hurt to avoid efforts that make you plan every step forward every single day. All-inclusive package deals, even if it’s just heading to a nice resort near a beach, can help you avoid having to plan for every single life consideration you need, like self-catering or booking potential days away.

Here, you’ll have most things provided to you, and can follow the tourism events when and where you feel like it. All-inclusive package deals like this can take the hard work out of your hands, which instead allows you to focus on the little things that count, like choosing what food from the menu you like, if you’ll go to the spa or jacuzzi this evening, and many more problems that are good to have.

Find Somewhere Less Populated

It can’t hurt to find somewhere less populated to inhabit for a time, either. Once Covid-19 becomes less and less of a mainstay in our lives, you can imagine that tourism will ramp up like almost nothing before.

This means that for a year or even two, heading to the biggest tourist traps in the world may not be that pleasant or even that desirable, but of course, remember that this is all defined by your particular tastes.

Finding somewhere less populated doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a tiny town and staying there for two weeks, nor does it mean going somewhere that doesn’t have the usual access you love, such as being close to the ocean. It may simply mean that instead of choosing a resort to stay in that is sure to be booked up to the brim, you decide to rent a small caravan or take a hotel a few miles away from the city, or perhaps you might take a road trip instead of staying in any one place. The possibilities are endless.

With this advice, we hope you can improve your travel confidence even after some time away.


  1. These are such great tips. It's been so long since I was able to travel, I'm not sure if I even remember how anymore. LOL

  2. I really love all of these tips. I think starting off small is one of the best ones here. It's been a long time since any of us have been able to travel. It'll take some time to get our grooves back.

  3. Will take your tip to get an all-inclusive package deal. I used to travel a WHOLE LOT before this pandemic, and I'm just feeling a bit uncomfy with my travel planning skills now.

  4. These are great tips. Traveling with friends or relatives will help me improve my confidence in every travel because I feel safe and I have someone that I can trust.

  5. I like the advice of 'starting small'. People often get overwhelmed with new places. It's best to break yourself in gradually when you travel.

  6. It's been so long since we've traveled. These are all excellent tips!


  7. Fortunately, despite everything that has happened, I have not lost my confidence in traveling, but this does not mean that some of your suggestions are still precious!

  8. Many people are nervous about travel. I think that will take some time to go away. I am sure these tips will help.

  9. I do agree with this statement - Finding somewhere less populated doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a tiny town! Also, it takes patience to do research before any trip. We should always read reviews and personal testimonials.

  10. Man, I am so ready to get my passport stamped again. Until then, we've been taking really small road trips (even NOLA was small since we didn't do the touristy things and stayed outdoors or in our hotel for most of the trip). We'll probably head to the mountains of Tennessee again this summer. But, as much as I love traveling the good old USA, traveling in a plane over the oceans is what I'm really itching to do soon!

  11. Even if traveling will start picking up safely, I would be going to a place that is less crowded. Not just to be safe, but to be able to find a place peaceful enough for reflection and relaxation.

  12. I'd definitely need these tips after staying at home for so long. Hope we could travel soon after the pandemic.

  13. I always prefer less traveled areas or going someplace off-season. I didn't like crowds even before all this mess started.

  14. Great list of how to travel. So many just don't have a clue. Makes it most frustrating for them.

    Hubby and I were pros at travel back in the day. Didn't take to many things with us and could get from point A to point B easily. We are done with travel now. The boat and back is as far as we want to go.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  15. I have traveled a lot and its something that i love to do. This list/tips doesnt apply to me but for some people I know it can be very useful.


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