Wednesday, March 31, 2021

How To Travel Safely With Your Dog

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Your dog is as much a part of your family as kids or a partner, so of course, it makes sense that you’ll want to take them with you when you travel. It’s important to understand that simply putting your dog in the car and driving or booking them onto a plane and hoping for the best isn’t going to be enough; you must plan in advance.

Even though dogs can be very in-tune to what we are doing, it is still very hard– impossible in most cases – to make them understand that they are going on a journey. This is why you need to prepare in advance to ensure that you have everything ready and aren’t stressed. It will make the trip much easier for you and your pet.

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Decide How You’ll Travel

Depending on where you are heading, you may have some options available to you regarding your mode of transport. The two main choices for you are flying or driving, and your dog may not like either of these options – but they still need to come.

Weigh up the pros and cons of each type of transport not just for you, but for your dog too. If your pet doesn’t like being without you for extended periods of time, the car might be a better option. If there isn’t room in your car, maybe you’ll have to take a plane. Of course, you can book a pet transport service for domestic journeys, which could save this decision having to be made, but again you’ll need to take your pet’s personality into account.

Book In Advance

Whereas you might be able to rush off on a spontaneous journey when you feel like it, stopping at any suitable-looking hotel along the route, this is not so much the case when you have a dog with you. In fact, many hotels and motels won’t allow any dogs other than service dogs, and you might find that you don’t have anywhere to stay after a long day on the road.

This is why, when you’re traveling with a dog, you’ll need to book everything in advance to ensure that the hotel you intend to stay at accepts pets and that they are aware you’ll be bringing one. It might take the adventure out of your journey somewhat, but at least it means you and your pet will have somewhere safe to sleep.

Bring Items From Home

Even if your dog is just as adventurous as you when it comes to searching out new places, it can still be a good idea to bring items from home to help calm them. It could make the difference between an easy journey and a more difficult one.

These items can be bedding and toys, for example. You should also definitely bring their usual food from home. Don’t assume you’ll easily be able to pick it up on your travels either; always have a supply with you. Anything different from the usual could upset your dog’s stomach causing them pain and making any journey together a messy and unpleasant one.


  1. Great suggestions. Our Angel Little Bit went with us the majority of the time. She loved to go and had no trouble at all. She just wanted to be with us. I sure miss her.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Good tips. And even more relevant if you are travelling with a cat - who often don't travel well.

  3. We just adopted a bonded pair in september. Since covid, we haven't had much car riding time, but the few times we've taken them, they seem to have a bit of car-sickness and one of them has thrown up in the car. This is perfect timing.

  4. Great trips for traveling with your furry companion! Definitely will keep this in mind if I'm going to take a trip somewhere.

  5. I could never imagine going anywhere without my little dog. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  6. hat a wonderful pet post :) My daughter will not go anywhere without our pooch so we did take him in the car a lot. He loves road trips!

  7. Bringing stuff from home is a good thing indeed.

  8. These are all such great tips, but as much as I love my dogs, there's no way I'd ever travel with them. 2 big boxers in a car for long periods of time gets to be too much for me. If I had smaller dogs, totally they would come along. I saw a couple carrying their little pooch tucked into a backpack walking all over NOLA last month. My daughter's friend in New York, his Pomeranian goes everywhere in his backpack too. Just hops right in when it's time to go and is a happy little bee riding all over the city.

  9. I’ll have to share these tips with my older sister. She has two dogs.

  10. These are great tips for those with dogs or pets in general, make sure to book everything in advance

  11. Thank you for these tips! I've always admired people who are not afraid to bring their dogs when they travel.

  12. Love how this narrative is so thoughtful, thinking of the dog's safety and goodwill.


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