Tuesday, February 9, 2021

10 Alternatives to Sugary Valentine's Day Treats

 Disclosure: Items may have been received complimentary or at a discount. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Valentine's Day is a good time to give a little treat to someone you love. A lot times people choose candy or other sugar-filled confectionary treats but there are other ways to give a little expression of amore to your friends and family. I have 10 ideas that make wonderful alternatives to sugary Valentine's Day Treats. 

 1. For the person who reads, plays a tablet or just wants to prop up their phone, the Flippy is the perfect gift idea. I like this pretty floral print, and know that I would use this over and over again. It would be perfect for the kitchen (holding the tablet so you can see a recipe, while you cook), for the grandkids to sit and watch a cartoon while I get a little work done, or to hold my tablet while I'm working in bed before I go to sleep at night. That last option would allow me to multi-task, and I like that idea very much. 

"Flippy is available in so many colors and patterns, and one version comes with internal storage for cords and glasses. It also comes in full and mini tablet/book sizes and has three different sides for different angles for display positions. Flippy is designed for sitting or reclining, standing - great for workers, students, cooks, and gamers – and puts your comfort first, with no “tech neck.” It weighs mere ounces and has no moving parts to break. Sales proceeds also help support the literacy non profit First Book.org. It is made by Happy Products, Inc., a certified women owned business."

2. It is a new era, and we're all obsessed with keeping clean. Putting a little basket together with any of Crazy Aaron's cute, useful and effective products is a good idea!! 

The HyperColor Foaming Hand Soap is a cute idea for kids. "Give children an extra reason to wash their hands! Created using HypercolorⓇ technology, this color-changing foam soap is a blast to use. Watch as it changes colors in your hands and then rinses a different color. It smells terrific, too! Available in Apple (Green), Strawberry (Magenta), and Berry (Blue) scents!"

Color Hand Sanitizer, from Crazy Aaron, also proves to be fun. I can't count the number of parents and children carrying around hand sanitizer these days. Why not make it cute? And what better day to do so than Valentine's Day! "Encourage kids to sanitize their hands with this colorful creation from the mind of Crazy Aaron! Made from top-quality ingredients, this fresh gel changes color as the product is used so children can experience the wonder of three different colors in every bottle. Plus, the artistic designs add extra fun and whimsy to the healthy habit. Available in 4 designs; Dinosaurs, Mermaids, Outer Space, and Princess Castle."

3. Splatz is another fun way to get the kids interested in getting cleaned up. This naturally fun hand soap oozes and breaks in your hands, something that absolutely delights the kiddos. 

SPLATZ, the first innovation from One Fun, are eco-friendly bubbles of pure hand soap that literally SPLAT! when kids squeeze them under water. Developed by an entrepreneurial designer (and MOM) and two Harvard/MIT scientists using a patent-pending formula and made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, these irresistible balls of fun change the way kids think about washing their hands.
  • Natural, biodegradable ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Developed by Harvard/MIT scientists
  • Made in Massachusetts

4. All kids love putty, and Crazy Aaron's has the perfect spin on it for the holidays, with mini cans of thinking putty that sport names like "Sweetheart," "Heart Throb," and "Heart Ache." This product is sold in a set of three, and the best thing? It never dries out!

5. If you're looking for something with a little more bling, this Glitzy Bingsu from Compound Kings is just what the mama ordered. Word of caution though, I had something similar to this during the holidays that left a tint on the wood table. Put a barrier (paper, foil, whatever) between your wood and this product, just to be on the safe side...then set out to enjoy because it really is awesome. "The Glitzy Bingsu beads make the hottest trend in Slime! This high quality and scented slime makes the most crispy, crunchy, bubble-poppy slimes in the world. You can’t quite replicate the sounds these beads make with other types of slime ingredients. These scented bead slimes are available in Pink, Blue, Purple, or Green. Styles may vary. The beads are made of a lightweight straw material that creates tons of air pockets during play, which is why it produces the most satisfying ASMR your ears will ever hear. The only limit is your imagination! Ages 4+"

6. Shore Buddies are great because they are made from recycled plastic. There are a few different types of these made and Emma the whale is our favorite (the baby key chain is adorable too). She is made from 6 recycled, cleaned and shredded plastic bottles. When pressed, Emma plays the authentic whale sound (both the larger size and the keychain play the whale sound). Emma is the calmest whale in the Ocean. Unless you bring up Ocean Plastic Pollution. Through her immense travels all around the world, Emma has seen a lot. She cannot believe how much trash actually is floating in the ocean and how it is affecting all marine life daily. You might have heard of the great pacific garbage patch. It is a floating plastic garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is larger than 2x the size of Texas / 3x the size of France. This needs to change! Help Emma to keep plastics out of Our Oceans.

$1 from every purchase helps to SAVE marine life.

7. If you are a game family, Spot It is a lot of fun for the littles. "If you're looking for a fun and interactive game to keep your family on their toes, Spot it! is a great choice. This game has 55 cards with different symbols on them. Players can pick one of five mini games, and play by matching symbols on the cards. You can play this game with up to 8 players, making for a great way to get the family together for a fun session. ages 7+" I have a seven-year-old granddaughter who will be getting this for the holiday, and I can't wait to play it with her!

8. If you have a group of people getting together to play, 'Just One' is a good game to consider as well. 

This game is for 3 to 7 players, ages 8+. There are 550 words included to make others guess. Quality erasable Markers and paper are included. Players write down a clue to the word that was selected. One person who doesn't know the word, has to guess what it is based on the clues, however, if two people select the same clue, that word is eliminated entirely, making it more difficult to guess. Super fun way to spend some group or party time together as a family. The Just One family party game is available in retail stores like Walmart, and online, including at Amazon.

9. If your little one loves fake food like my granddaughter does, put a little twist on it by serving up these super fun and whacky creations from Stick-O. "The Stick-O Cooking 16 Piece Set brings out your child’s inner chef. This themed magnetic kit inspires kids to assemble and cook delicious foods including an egg, lollipop, candy, carrot, and more. The 16 Piece Cooking Set includes 2 Spheres, 2 Sticks, 1 Curve Stick, 1 Oval Stick and 1 Half Sphere. Ages 18m+"

10. And if they like REAL food (and what kid...or adult for that matter, doesn't!), why not whip them up a batch of pancakes with the plant-based Pancake Mix from LEHI Mills! "Lehi Mills is a premium baking mix company that recently launched their Certified Vegan Line. With over 100 years of milling experience, quality has always been their first ingredient.  Included in the Lehi Mills Certified Vegan Line is the delicious Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix, Vegan Raspberry Muffin Mix and Vegan Double Fudge Brownie. All of which are plant-based and perfect for when you want a wholesome, vegan treat." I'll be breaking out the heart-shaped cookie cutters to make these on Valentine's Day.

And for the sake of time, that's the end of my list! I think these would all be a great alternative to sugary sweets for the upcoming holiday. Can you see yourself gifting any one of them?


  1. These are awesome! I've always been a big fan of gifting stuff other than candy on holidays. Great options here.

  2. These are great ideas. I really like the Flippy!

  3. Less sugar is a very good thing. We don't do candy here either and don't give it to the greats either. Their mother appreciates that very much.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  4. You came up with a lot of great alternatives to candy... if a person wanted an alternative. Me? I reckon I'll buy myself a box of candy... the day AFTER Valentine's Day. :)

    Take care, sweet lady.

  5. Would you laugh if I said I'd take the pancake mix?

    1. Of course not! Who wouldn't want the pancakes. Yum! :)

  6. So glad I found this. I've been trying to find non-candy options and have been having the hardest time.

  7. I saw the blog post title and was expecting a list of nothing but low- sugar food! But yes, these are good alternatives that go above and beyond the usual box of chocolates.

  8. Such fun ideas for non- candy options. I like the idea of fun soap and sanitizers.

  9. All these are non sugary yet lovely. It will be great to gift or to have them!

  10. Those are all wonderful selection of items to choose from instead of the usual candy option for Valentine's Day. I'm sure my kids would love this.

  11. Allison loved that thinking putty! These are all really awesome alternatives to sugary snacks for the holiday (and great for Easter baskets, too!)

  12. These are all fun ideas. The iPad pillow is a neat product! It is nice to have non-candy gifts.

  13. Hhhhmmm, no to be honest. I would be so appreciative receiving a Flippy!

  14. I'm so glad I came across your post. These are awesome suggestions here for different kinds of gifts.

  15. They are sure better than any candy. At least they'd last longer.

  16. All of these would make great gifts for birthdays or other holidays too.


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