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October is National Children's Health Month

October is National Children's Health Month, and in our family that is important because we have a lot of littles running around. Keeping them healthy and safe is always paramount, so I am glad there is a month set aside each year to remind us that awareness should always be in the forefront of our minds when it comes to protecting our children.

There are many ways to protect children, including physical and mental safety, cyber security, and so much more. There are also other smaller but equally important ways, every day ways like nutrition, monitoring, and instilling a sense of gratitude and thankfulness in our children that will help to serve them for a lifetime. The following sponsors are doing their part to help with National Children's Health Month, so I'm helping to share their products; my way of showing my gratitude.

Angelcare | AC527 Baby Breathing Monitor with video
Dependable, trusted, and beautifully designed baby care essential. Now available online at Amazon and soon launching on Buy Buy Baby and more. Not only does it transmit a crisp, clear image of your little one, but it alerts you when their breathing slows and sends an alarm to awake them. Talk about baby safety!!
  • It has Angelcare® 's new 40 % smaller Wireless SensAsure™ Breathing Sensor Pad. The pad offers the exact same precise levels of movement detection.
  • The monitor’s alarm will sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds letting parents relax.
  • Advanced software allows a second Breathing Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit combination to be added, meaning it’s perfect for monitoring multiples.

    White Leaf | Organic Baby Food Blends - Pouches

    Healthy soil = Healthy food. White Leaf Provisions is a family run business bringing the first 100% regeneratively farmed, Biodynamic®, Organic & GMO-Free baby food line to market in the US.

    Their line of baby food offers parents complete purity and transparency, transforming not only how we feed our children but also encouraging farming methods that can help to heal the planet that our kids will inherit.
    • Flavors: Mango, Carrot, Banana & Pear; Apple, Sweet Potato & Beet; Pear, Banana & Kiwi; Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pea
    • Age: 6 months - Hungry Adults, with the exception of the Pear, Banana & Kiwi, which is 8 months - Hungry Adults
    • Buy Links: White Leaf, Amazon

    White Leaf | Biodynamic Apple Sauce
    Every aspect of White Leaf's applesauce line has been conceived with the health and wellness of our kids in mind along with what effect the product will have on their future. From BPA free recyclable packaging and organic Ceylon Cinnamon to 100% US grown biodynamic / regeneratively farmed fruits used, White Leaf is passionate about bringing about a change in how we develop children's eating habits while being conscious of the environmental footprint.
    • Flavors: Apple & PearApple & Ceylon Cinnamon
    • Age: 6 months - Hungry Adult
    • Buy Links: White Leaf, Amazon 

    Precidio | Drink in the Box

    The world's only reusable drink box! It is a healthy, reusable drink box to replace disposable juice box. VERY Durable! Won't leak or squirt!

    Precidio | Snack in the Box4

    The coolest snack container, featuring two separate chambers that each hold 6 ounces of your favorite dry snack and keep food from being crushed or mushed on the go!

    Write to Me | Family Gratitude. 365 days of family gratitude Journal

    Family Gratitude is bound in an olive linen with gold embossed title. Spine features title 365 days of family gratitude. The purpose of this journal was to create a tool for parents to teach their children all about living a grateful life. How to live your life feeling grateful for what you have, for those who love and care for you, for the kindness that people show and for the experiences that enrich and inspire every day. Can also be used for those without kids.
    • Beautiful way of bringing family together at the end of every day and each sharing and journaling answers to the following questions: Today I am grateful for, People I am thankful for, Best part of my day was
    • Each page features a quote that can be used as a prompt to start conversations that open children’s minds further to understanding how to be thankful and give guidance to emotionally coping with everyday life situations.
    • Features: 365 pages, Case bound, flat lay binding, 120GSM forest free paper & ribbon marker Size: 230 x 130mm & 365pp
    • BUY on website

    Wishing Pixies App

    More than a toy, app, or game, it’s a parenting tool that helps families create and reinforce positive and healthy behaviors for their child and raise emotionally strong, mindful, and confident children who believe in the power of positive thoughts.  
    • Children use the mobile app and parents use a responsive website to manage the interactions with their children acting as the pixie doll. Parents can assign daily affirmations, tasks, and meditations for children to complete to receive pixie dust that can be used to earn a reward.
    • Pixies come in two versions - Cailin (girl) and Gasur (boy)
    • What started this unique idea? One mom who pretended to be the tooth fairy with her child, writing notes back and forth. She learned more about her child than she ever would have as her mother. This is why her favorite feature is the chat section, where parents can talk to there kids as if they are the Pixies.
    • The pixies and app must be used for the full effect, or else it can be difficult for kids to stay engaged long term. Here is a video to help visually explain.
    • Website
    • Following your purchase, an adoption certificate will be immediately sent to your email. Edit, personalize, and print!

    Available on iOS and Android

    Thank you to those who are taking part in helping to promote National Children's Health Month. The more who do, the better, and our parents (and children!) appreciate that you do.


    1. Every month should be National (and International) Children's Health Month. Sadly none of your images loaded for me.

    2. The monitor would sure help many a new parent not be as paranoid. The app is a great idea too. Health sure is #1 for the kiddos.

    3. People should always be thinking about this instead of just in a month. They need so much!

    4. Your granddaughter is just beautiful. All of these are great products to use for a baby!

    5. Yes every month should be National Children's Health. They are the most important thing in our lives. Our future.

      I linked this post to Awww Mondays. That baby couldn't be any cuter.

      Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

    6. These are great tips for new parents! I haven't heard of the White Leaf baby pouches, but they sound healthy and nutritious!

    7. the Angelcare | AC527 Baby Breathing Monitor with video is quite interesting, would love to have one of that/ thanks for sharing.

    8. Kristine Nicole AlessandraOctober 1, 2019 at 2:30 AM

      I like the Gratitude journal. That will really inspire me to be mindful of the blessings I receive everyday. These baby items are great gift suggestions for new moms or for an expectant mom on her baby shower.

    9. These are all great and this should be celebrated every day.A monitor is very helpful and convenient for someone like me who tends to worry.

    10. Everyday should prioritize children's health.
      Adding to babies security is the installation of baby monitor. Helps a lot!

    11. Some great tips. That wishing pixies app sounds really useful especially for first time parents 😊

    12. I have a 6 mo old grandson so will be sure to share this info with his parents. It is important to keep up on your child's health and keeping them healthy and safe every day is one of my priorities for my children and grandkids.

    13. This is valuable info for new parents, Rosey.

      That baby is soooooooooo adorable!

    14. I didn’t know that October was Childrens Health Month! Thanks for these great tips.

    15. I haven't heard of many of these products. I wish I had when my girls were smaller.

    16. I can't stress enough how important Children's health is...Thank you soooo much for highlighting this topic.

    17. I've been having baby fever. Not to have one, just to hold one. They are so cute!

    18. I've been having baby fever. Not to have one, just to hold one. They are so cute!

    19. The wishing Pixie App is something that I'm going to look into. And the breathing monitor is genius. I wish I knew about it when my kids were babies.

    20. You post has also create awareness for the public to re-use, recycle and save the world. Baby is important but we should also do our part to save the world.

    21. I did not know that October was National Children's Health Month! What a great way to recognise it via these items

    22. It is good to know about what products are good for keeping our kids happy and healthy. I didn't know it was National Children's Health Month.

    23. Ooh I didn't know this! Thanks for helping to raise awareness! So important that we take care of the health of our children.

    24. These are some amazing items for parents to have for their children and their health. Thanks for this awesome list! I'll share it with my friends.

    25. Health is the most important thing, so we need to take extra care to ensure we have everything we need to keep our kids healthy. These all sound like great products to help keeps healthy and growing all year long.


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