Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Legoland Hurricane Relief This Weekend Only!

Following a tough week of preparing, waiting, and watching, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is offering a highly discounted 25 dollar single-day theme park ticket available this weekend only. That is a really big discount. Ten dollars of each discounted ticket sold this weekend will be donated to the American Red Cross in support of the relief and recovery efforts of those directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian.   
In addition, LEGOLAND Florida Resort will also serve as a collection point for guests wanting to donate items including nonperishable goods, water, toiletries, baby products, radios, batteries, candles and bedding to those in The Bahamas who were impacted by Hurricane Dorian.
WHEN: Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8; 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Learn more at

A big thank you to Legoland for finding a fast way to donate.
If everyone does something, we can surely help.


  1. What a wonderful thing for them to do. Bravo.

    Have a fabulous day. Glad you're safe. ♥

  2. If I lived by one, I'd go! The closest to me is 2 1/2 hours away in Kansas City. I hope there isn't a crazy amount of damage! I remember evacuating from Savannah when I lived there. I was so scared!


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