Sunday, June 2, 2019

Travel Fusion has THE Perfect Travel Bag for Dad!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Have you heard of the Korin brand sold at Travel Fusion? This laptop Flexpack Pro backpack that locks is from Korin, and it's super stylish, useful, very durable but it's chock full of all kinds of thoughtful considerations, making it perfect for work or travel!

The TSA-approved combination lock is great to ensure noone reaches in your bag and helps themselves to anything while you've got your back turned, or while you are sleeping on the plane.

When you open it, there are pockets on each side. They unzip so you can put items in such as earbuds, phones, and powerbanks. The USB connector on one side ensures you can charge your phone or other devices, even if no power is to be found (by using the powerbank you will buy or already own and attaching it on the other end). This is a super convenient factor that makes this backpack ideal for so many things! The large Velcro strap you see with the green tab on the front, secures the padded areas that hold your laptop and tables/iPads perfectly.

Of course a zippered compartment is included as well. This is where you could store your travel documents, billfold, etc., or even your cosmetics that you don't want to spill out.

Here you can see how the laptop slips right into the bag, keeping it safe while you are on the move.

It's really a nice looking bag too. This would go well with anything you might want to wear, including a suit.

The padded back straps make it easy to carry and the material breathes well.

The tethering cord allows you secure it so it's not walked off with very easily.

The insulated pocket on the side, expands the length of the bottom of the bag, and in it you can store things like shoes, an umbrella, a water bottle and more.

The side USB port is covered to keep dust out, and the other side is where your pocket is that holds your powerbank. It also comes with a certificate of quality. This is a fantastic backpack, that goes above and beyond the norm and it definitely a great gift idea for anyone who likes to travel or needs to take items with them on the go.

My daughter took it out and slung it on her shoulder for me on Mother's Day, while we were at her oldest brother's house. You can see she's got a sweet little bundle on the front side of her too, as she had just had her little one a few weeks before.

This is the perfect item for most anyone to own, but with Father's Day just around the corner, I'm thinking this is the perfect gift for dad. Whether his job requires travel, or he just needs to have a lot of items on him when he goes to work, or on trips with him while with the family, this bag is going to be a super welcome gift. It costs a bit more than a bag you can find on a rack in the store, but it's worth every penny. The customer reviews, and awards it keeps racking up, prove that statement to be true over and over again.

Learn more about Travel Fusion's Korin Design FlexPack Pro by visiting the website HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook, PinterestTwitter and/or Instagram.


  1. The usb port is a great touch. Would sure come in handy on long trips. And of course keeping those with sticky fingers away is a win too.

  2. That looks like a great bag, I love that it looks stylish too. I need one for our upcoming trip. I might just order this one :) thanks so much for sharing

  3. Great style and great colors. I find the insulated pocket to be a great attraction of the bag.

  4. Oh wow! This bag really does have it all! I wish I had, had something like this on my last flight. My husband would love this thing! ~The Virginia Nymph

  5. I would love a travel bag like this to be honest. It looks soft with a lot of pouches and sturdy as well. I could definitely use this.

  6. No, I haven't heard about it. But, as a bag lover, I will surely check this out. It is useful for me.

  7. That is great for Dad, or me. I like masculine bags over pastel ones.

  8. That's a really nice bag. We'd use it for travel as Jason doesn't use one for work. But on our trips, we'd use the heck out of it!

  9. I love this, the style is perfect for my dad! This might be the perfect gift for father's day. Thx!


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