Friday, June 14, 2019

A Dinner Party DIY for Busy People

If you have a hectic life, it might be hard to find time for socializing with friends. Between your job and family commitments, you never have time to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal. With the help of services like Foodora, it can be a lot easier to enjoy family time or even plan an impromptu dinner party. At the end of the week, it’s nice to sit around with friends or family and unwind through food and fun. If you feel like that’s too much, here are a few insider secrets for a stress-free dinner party.

1. Simple is still stylish.

Many people tend to overthink things like food and decorations for a dinner party. Chances are you don’t have the time to consistently throw yourself into a planning project. Use things you already have in creative ways to set the tone and style for your party. Plan around what have and not what you have to go out and get. Simple can bring plenty of possibilities.

2. The guest list is the entertainment.

A successful dinner party relies on the harmony and conversation of those in attendance. If you invite too many people, you run into problems with isolated groups having their own party. Invite too few and you have awkward pauses and stiff formality. Keep your gatherings to groups of friends that will share some connectivity to keep you from playing moderator.

3. Keep the food and drink self-serve.

Whether you choose to cater, deliver or make yourself, set up your dining and drinking options for guest access. Don’t get tied to the kitchen. While it is nice to act as the host, there is no sense in hosting a party that you can’t be a part of. Plan a buffet of simple dishes or have a limited drink menu that is limited but superior quality. If you need help with a wine selection, share your menu with a wine shop and get a recommendation.

4. Share the workload.

If your dinner party is a group of close friends, you might feel comfortable asking for help with clean up. Whether it's simply chatting around the sink while you load the dishwasher or packing up leftover foods for them to take home, divvying up the workload makes the end of the night as simple as the beginning.

A dinner party doesn’t have to stress you out. With a little planning and creativity, you can create an evening of fun and relaxation for yourself and closest friends.


  1. Yeah, the guests you have can sure make or break.

  2. I haven't had a social gathering in months. I need to use your tips, and make sure I keep it simple next time. It can be so hectic when I try to go overboard with food and guests.


  3. A perfect dinner party is the party that has been planned. Thank you for sharing this

  4. We always do it DIY and self-serve. They become more involved and they can do what they want with their food. Much easier too!

  5. Very good ideas! This is how I usually do things, and it becomes more of a pot luck then a dinner party :)

  6. Dinner parties are so fun. This is so encouraging. I can’t wait to have one!

  7. Parties give me anxiety so having a step by step to do list like this is very helpful. Thank you

  8. Simplicity is true beauty...keep it simple and the food will be duly appreciated.

  9. These are wonderful tips. We'll have to use these the next time we host a dinner party.

  10. This service makes it so much easier! No more slaving around the kitchen and dirtying everything up. I'll have to try it.

  11. Kristine Nicole AlessandraJune 17, 2019 at 4:58 PM

    I rarely host parties at my house, but it I do, it is always a pot luck party, and guests would be a mix of close friends and family members who already know each other. That gets rid of the "silent" moments!


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