Monday, November 19, 2018

HueTrition is Helping You Eat Better! $25 Gift Card of Choice #Giveaway

This is not a post that is sponsored for me.  I have joined in with other bloggers to help promote HueTrition and offer you the giveaway.

'tis the season for reviews and giveaways and we're really adding a bunch of 'em to help you with your holiday gifting ideas! I know shopping season is literally right around the corner now, if you haven't started already! Today we're talking about HueTrition, a great resource to help your family eat better foods! They encourage everyone to fill their plate with color to get more nutrients in your diet every day. They have a list of HueApproved foods that you can share with your family.

Criteria for HueApproved:

  • Real food
  • As wholesome as possible
  • Pronounceable ingredients, fewer the better
  • Color-packed fuel to color your world
And now they have a list of Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Items!

HueTrition Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Items!

About HueTrition:

HueTrition™ is a nationally-recognized family wellness program that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to promote a balanced, and active lifestyle that includes a daily variety of colorful fruits and vegetables from an early age while encouraging sensible choices for the planet.

HueTrition’s HueTube Channel is a wealth of FREE health tips and advice. Make sure you click here to subscribe! They just celebrated 1000 subscribers so help them continue to grow.

HueTube is HueTrition’s YouTube Channel that is full of nutritional advice for your whole family. You will find several series that will help you fill your plate with color. This is a fun way to help your kids eat the best foods while having some fun.

Giveaway Details:

Now for the giveaway! One lucky person will win a $25 Gift Card of their choice! This giveaway is open to US residents and ends on December 2, 2018 at 1159pm EST.


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