Monday, November 21, 2016

BIG Gifts that won't Break the Bank! American Plastic Toys

Okay, I will readily admit that I am that mom, grandma, aunt, what have you... I like to make sure the kids get at least one BIG gift under the tree from Santa. This year I've found a way to do that for at least two of the littles in this family, without breaking the bank. American Plastic Toys makes a solidly built Deluxe Plastic Beauty Salon for $35.00 that my granddaughter is just going to love!

The Deluxe Beauty Station comes with a Bench
It does require some assembly, but honestly it's not bad at all, and part of the fun of being a parent is complaining about the pre-holiday morning assembly for a gift you know the kids are going to love. This year it will be my son doing it for his litte girl (bahahaha, I love delegating used to be his toys that I was putting together).

The heart-shaped vanity mirror actually lights up! I think that is going to be my granddaughter's favorite thing about it...that and it's pink. ;)

There are some bits and pieces to put together, and some stickers to make it personal (if stickers are involved in any way, shape or form my granddaughter is very happy).

Her daddy is going to be pretty lucky with this one. Though the item is a big gift, it's only got a few pieces to put together. In fact, I bet he'll have it up and running in less than twenty minutes, tops, and probably even faster. :)

American Plastic Toys has been making toys in the good ol' USA since 1962, so chances are high if you buy for a child, you've owned a thing or two from them in the past. We owned a kitchen that lasted forever. In fact, we passed it down to one of my little nephews and I'm pretty sure he still has it.

The other 'big' gift item that will be making a youngster happy this Christmas morning is for my youngest nephew. He is about to turn 3 and this dump truck I think, is going to really please him. He's at that age where everything that moves is fun, so I'm pretty sure Auntie Rose has wrapped up a big hit.

You can easily move one piece to make the truck 'dump' too, which adds to the fun/pretend factor.

There's a little seat in there too, cuz a dump trucks gotta have a place for the operator, plain and simple. :)

It's a sharp looking truck and it's different than the metal ones he has right now, so I think he'll really like it. I'm betting his older sister will somehow find a way to get a stuffed animal or baby doll in there, but that's okay...he loves his sis, and he's a super great 'sharer.'

Keep an eye out for American Plastic Toys while you're out and about shopping this year. They have a lot of really great items...including ride-on toys, sand tables, BBQ grills and more! You can see all they have to offer by visiting their website. American Plastic Toys are sold at retailers nationwide.


Pat Hatt said...

They would sure be fun for young kids to play with.

alissa apel said...

Seeing all these gifts makes me want to go home to wrap presents. I have most of them bought. If only I knew what to get my mom and dad. They are all I have left. Man I need to work on a Christmas card so bad! I was going to do that this weekend, but took in my nephews and all my plans went out the window.

I love that big truck!

Sandee said...

I'm about to go shop for my great granddaughter. I'll keep these in mind.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

mail4rosey said...

I saw on your social media that Emerson was sick. I hope he's doing better now!!

mail4rosey said...

Seriously, they are huge and well-built and really very awesome. I'm quite happy to be gifting them to two of my most favorite kiddos. :)

mail4rosey said...

They're reasonably priced. If they have room, they're great gifts to have. :) They have a ton of other items too though. I bet your granddaughter has had one of their items or at least played with one at some point. They're everywhere. :) Happy shopping!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ok, I am so missing my girls being little now. That vanity is so cute. I know we would have had that in their toy stash if they were still little. Super cute!

Elizabeth O. said...

I love this list! It would be nice to give the kids something big for Christmas without having to empty your wallet! Thanks for the ideas!

Carol Cassara said...

Big doesn't have to be expensive, especially when it comes to toys! I think this is an awesome list!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

These toys are awesome! I'm sure lots of kids out there would love to receive these as presents, as well. :)

~ Noelle said...

Savannah needs that makeup table when she gets older. So cute. Thanks for the heads up