Thursday, August 11, 2016

#WinVansFoods #Giveaway

Good food and good giveaways, you can't beat that combo, and Vans Foods is bringing you both. Just in time to remind us of the delicious food and snack options availabe for back to school. We had their Gluten Free waffles this morning and they were fabulous!  Nothing starts a morning quite like hot waffles and coffee (well, no coffee for the kiddos...OJ or apple juice would do just fine for them). :)

·         To celebrate modern moms and make her life a little easier, Van’s is hosting a Back-to-School giveaway for a year’s worth of free waffles (52 coupons) and three signed cookbooks from celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Joy Bauer!

·         Breakfast doesn’t have to be stressful. Quick, wholesome options like Van’s waffles offer protein and whole grains that are so delicious moms feel great about serving them and kids love eating them.

·         Van’s conducted a survey of 1,000 moms and asked them to describe their mornings. From the survey, Van’s found that while moms may forfeit “glam for fam,” serving wholesome breakfasts is one area they are not willing to compromise.:
o    58 percent said they rush through their morning hair or makeup routines
o    Nearly 40 percent admit to wearing pajamas to drive their kids to school
o    17 percent who apply makeup in the car.
o    Nearly 70 percent of moms said they feel better about themselves when they serve a hot breakfast, and they count protein, whole grains and kid-friendliness as the lead factors for making good choices for their families.

·         Van’s offers a variety of options for all types of eaters, from kid-favorite Van’s Minis (with 27 grams of whole grain per serving) to Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles (free of gluten, dairy and egg) and Van’s 8 Whole Grains Waffles (with 7 grams of fiber).

·         Van’s waffles are available at grocery stores, mass merchandisers and natural food retailers nationwide. To find Van’s waffles in a store near you, visit:
·         A year’s worth of free waffles (52 coupons)
·         Three signed cookbooks from celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Joy Bauer - “Slim & Scrumptious,” “From Junk Food to Joy Food” and “Food Cures.”
·         Giveaway value – approx.: $275

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  1. I remember trying to get everything done with I was raising a family. It wasn't easy. What a great giveaway this is.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Sure sounds helpful indeed to feed

  3. So convenient! I'd love a whole year of free waffles.. that means less time in the kitchen and more time for other things that truly matter.. like sleep hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I could live on waffles and pancakes.

  5. I haven't bought waffles in a really long time. I bet the family would be stoked if I won them a full year's worth. They just started asking me to add them to the weekly grocery list again.

  6. I love Van's, but I haven't tried their waffles. I bet they are good!

  7. I have never heard of this brand. Hmmmm


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