Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#Hasro Has All Ages Covered When it Comes to Toys! #PlayLikeHasbro

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

If you have children to shop for, then please take notice of these great Hasbro items. If you're shopping for the holidays already too (and I know some of us are), you will also want to take note. Habro offers interest-grabbing, long-lasting toys that everyone loves. Some have been around forever and a day, some are new to the line-up. Either way, they're all very fun. They cover all ages too.  I've got three on the agenda to discuss today!

Item #1
For the younger crowd, the Playskool Fold 'n Go Busy Elephant is oh so cute, and it encourages curiosity and helps baby with skill development. It's very versatile too. My nephew has a sweet baby girl who would love this one. Come to think of it, my brother-in-law has a sweet baby boy who would love it too. :)

The elephant is called 'busy' because its got lots of great things going on! Baby can look at him/herself in the mirror, or use the clicker, squeaker, rattle or crinkle ear portions of the toy. There's also a Put 'n Take Pocket and a cute Peekaboo Flower to put in it.

You can see that the activities are all made with bright colors too, and the elephant himself has a plush sweet, 3D face that will entice baby fingers to explore too.

The elephant is soft all over and lays out pretty flat, so you can use it to encourage tummy time. Of course baby can sit up and play with it too, or you can fold it up nice and compact for them, so they can take it wherever they want to go (in or out of the house). 

You can see from the picture above how small the elephant folds up. That makes it great for taking along on car rides, or taking to someone else's house too, to help occupy baby while you visit.

See how nice it folds up? And it's got a convenient handle too, to make it even easier to carry. Instructions are included for fold-up, but once you get the hang of it, it's a cinch.

Robots in Disguise. Super Bumblebee Figure
Item #2
For those aged 6 and up, the Transformers Robots in Disguise Super Bumblebee Figure is a fun item to consider.

Turns into a car to make a fast get-away.
 Besides the cool factor of turning from a robot into a car rather easily, this figure also talks!

I turned off the light so you can see how he lights up when he talks.

It requires one AA battery (demo battery included) so you can hear him talk. He says several phrases when you push the button on his chest. His face lights up when he is talking.

This is what he looks like in full robot form. He does kind of resemble a bumblebee with those colors, doesn't he? Only he looks a tad bit more menacing. ;)

This is what it looks like in car form. This is a nice sized toy too, so it will wrap pretty and present well if you're using it for a birthday, holiday, or some other type of gift. I know my son likes to get big gifts. If he's got a big one under the tree, that's the one he beelines for first on Christmas morning, without fail. :)

Item #3
And for those children aged 8+, the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition (bonus pack) is a great idea! Haven't these little ovens been around forever??? I wanted one so so so badly when I was a kid, but I never did get one. That's okay, I've used one since, so I'm a happy camper now. ;) 

There are good reasons this oven has been popular for as long as it has, and I'll list the first three that instantly come to mind.. A). They allow the child to bake, like mom and dad. What's not to love about that? B). They're safer than a real oven, by oh about a million times or so. and C). They make real food (goodies, at that!). 

This particular pack comes with a variety of mixes. Using them too, is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions to mix...

Put your food in on one side, watch the timer, and be there when it pops out on the other side. Easy, breezy, simple and sweet, right? Plus it's got a fun new confetti design that we love.

This oven comes with a utensil too. I love how long the handle is. The next step in the process is to allow your treats to cool, remove them with that spatula, and and then e.a.t. That last step is the best step. :)

All three of these Hasbro toys are well-built, fun selections that the kids are going to love.

Do you have a favorite from these that are listed? I can't pick one, I like them all equally, in different ways and for different reasons.

Hasbro has been a family staple for years. With these kinds of selections being offered, it's easy to see why.

You can learn more about Hasbro by visiting their website. And of course, Hasbro items are sold in stores nationwide. #PlayLikeHasbro


  1. The elephant is so stinkin cute! Too bad my kiddos are not babies anymore!

  2. Hasbro has so many great toys! I'm betting my little guy would be thrilled with that Transformer! I'll have to look into it for Christmas!

  3. My daughters loved their Easy Bake Oven when they were little. We had so much fun whipping up desserts for our tea parties with it.

  4. They sure have a toy for everyone and everything

  5. My son would love that transformer. Hasbro has it all.

  6. We just got the easy bake oven for my little guy. He loves to bake us treats :)

  7. Easy Bake Oven was always on my wishlist....never got one lol. But Molly did! That elephant looks so soft!

  8. I guess since I'm over 8 I'll have to go for the Easy Bake oven. But then I could make my own cookies!

  9. Playskool is a longstanding brand where you can get some of the most interactive Toy. I like that its 3d it should help with sensory activities for kids

  10. Hasbro has some of the best toys. These are all awesome! You have to love the Easy-Bake!

  11. We have the Easy Bake Oven, but I had no idea about the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition. That's awesome!
    I have a few nieces/nephews on the way so the elephant would make the perfect gift.

  12. These are all awesome toys. I think that Easy Bake oven is absolutely adorable!

  13. Gosh that elephant is adorable. Growing up I adored the Easy Bake oven and never quite got it right - I am still a bad cook lol

  14. Such fun toys! I love the elephant! We have Bumblebee here too!

  15. I have always loved Hasbro! They offer so much!

  16. Hasbro is a brand I trust in quality toys. Toys that are age appropriate and fun.

  17. Hasbro makes great toys that last forever. I always purchased them with confidence.

  18. I love Hasbro toys. The selection and quality is fantastic.

  19. Love Hasbro Toys, so many options! We have a lot of the Transformers!

  20. We have the elephant toy and our toddler loves it, plus it's perfect for traveling.

  21. Hasbro has been a staple in my house ever since I was a little girl. We mostly play with their board games nowadays, but Allison wouldn't mind having an Easy Bake Oven to play with!

  22. Oh, I bet Savannah would love the elephant ;)


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