Friday, October 26, 2012

What Constitutes a "Collection?"

I love a nice, hearty coffee mug!

And Christmas ornaments are my weakness

I'm not really a collector.  I get a treasure here & there from different places we visit from time-to-time, and of course, anything the kids make becomes instant gold.  But I don't really collect anything.  There is something I do like to get though, and that is a nice mug for coffee.  In most of the places we go that we consider special, I'll pick one up (Mackinac Island, Cedar Point, Disney World, different cities in the US and abroad, etc.).  There are others I have that I like quite a bit too.  My mother-in-law brought me some really great mugs w/stripes recently that I love, and I have some I've made at Shutterfly w/pictures of the family on them that are personal favorites.

I wish I had my's broken (if you missed that story, you can find it here & I still don't have a replacement...for the time being I'm using a disposable, ugh) so I could take a picture of a group of my favorites, but nonetheless, you get the idea, I'm sure.

Christmas ornaments are another thing I really like, and those could maybe be classified as a collection.  Again, if we go somewhere we think is special, we're sure to pick one up, and we love them.  We will probably never have a beautiful themed tree because everyone in the family (including me) would miss the vast assortment of ornaments it is tradition for us to hang.  We have years of memories up there.  Hubby and I even have some from when we were kids, and let me tell you, that's going waaaaay back. ;)

How about you?  Anything you like to get that is special to you, but you don't really consider it as "collecting?"


  1. Oh yes I love Christmas stuff, I purchase 5 new things for Christmas decorations!

  2. I'm not a collector...I am not a huge fan of clutter.
    However ~ having said that I seem to "collect" books. For whatever reason I just don't like getting rid of them.
    I read them over and over and when they get borrowed and not returned it bugs me.
    So...does that constitute me a collector?

    Thanks again for coming by and liking my facebook page today!
    Hope you stop by my blog as well.


    PS ~ I'm not on blogger so I probably show up as a no reply.
    Sorry :(

  3. I guess you could say Christmas ornaments are a collection.
    I also have a collection of German Nutcrackers. I have about 30 but I have been collecting for about 30 yrs or so. We bring them out each Christmas season and they stay out for quite some time.

  4. Im not a collector but whenever I like a thing i'd really keep it but not to the point of collecting it. I dunno if you consider that as collecting. Great post!

  5. Guess I´ll have to think and get back to you on this one. I used to collect stamps, I wish I could add more pursed, bags, etc to my wardrobe (I loooove them) and stickers!! Yes, I do like them and use them a lot as well
    Hope you have a great weekend

  6. When I was a kid, I had an awesome collection of erasers from relatives and pen-pals all over the world. Now I am (kinda) into costume jewelry especially necklaces.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Interesting question! I've got a lot of books. That could count as a collection.

  8. I would say my ornaments maybe. I get a nice one every year in Disney and every time we take a vacay for that matter, but for some reason I've never considered it to be a collection.

  9. Thanks for the follow! Following back.

  10. Had too many 'things' ~ love mementos but now trying to get my house more 'zen' like ~ enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    wondering what your dissertation is on? or have you already done it?

    1. Higher Ed Admin side of the newer hybrid programs (DL/F2F combos) offered in colleges/universities.

      And I'm in the procrastination stage (which irks me because I'm ready to be done). If you have any tips, I'm on Chapter 3, so any and all are welcome. :)

  11. I collect antique china, tea cup, tea pots, table linens. I have way too many of them but can't help myself if I see something special.

  12. i definitely love to collect ornaments!

  13. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    I am a collector of anything with pigs! I've loved pig's forever and have all kinds of things pigs, salt n' pepper shakers, picture frames, bath towels, Miss Piggy sheets, you name it! Everyone always gets me gifts with pigs :)

  14. I love coffe mugs too. I am very selective and don't want a set. Just one unique mug. The downside is if it gets broken there is no replacement :-(

    Now if you can upgrade from the Trac phone you could have a camera and phone all in one ;-)

  15. I really love coffee mugs as well! I don't think you can ever have too many :)

    I have a lot of guineas and chickens and I collect their feathers when they molt or naturally fall out. I have tons of them!

  16. I love vintage everything. If it has a remembered or forgotten story, I will love it! ;-)

  17. Hmm I don't collect anything really. The only thing I collect are things my children make for me :)

    I would collect books and pens but then it would overload :)

    I hope you get another camera soon.

  18. I have classic looking ornaments. My mom gets annoyed that I don't collect Hallmark ones. She likes to buy from them. Sorry mom! I just like pretty glass ornaments. Yes I'm crazy because I have two young boys that like to wrestle, and I have glass ornaments.


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