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Should You Give Up Alcohol Completely?

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Honestly, I am probably the only adult I know who has never tried so many of the popular drinks many rave about, and that's okay. It's just not a preference of mine. If I do drink, and it's super rare (like once every ten years, not even kidding) it's usually a shot or two of whiskey and that's it. 

Lately though, I've been hearing a lot of talk from people about giving up drinking entirely. 

We're getting to a certain something-something age, and the effects for those who DO like to drink, maybe a little in excess, is starting to take a toll.

Please welcome today's contributor who is going to discuss it:

Going teetotal is becoming more trendy. It has also become a lot easier as a result of a growing selection of alcohol-free alternatives to beer and wine. Below are a few signs that it could be time to give up alcohol completely.

You don’t have a good time when you drink

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol. While it makes many people feel happier and more relaxed, others feel more anxious or depressed. If you find that alcohol always worsens your mood - no matter how little you drink - it could be time to quit it.

Similarly you may want to quit alcohol if you literally cannot stand the taste of it. There’s no point continuing to consume something that you find disgusting just because you feel socially pressured into it.

You constantly make bad decisions when drinking

Quitting alcohol could also be wise if you constantly make bad decisions while under the influence. While many of us are guilty of doing reckless things while drunk, these reckless behaviours shouldn’t be a common occurrence. This could include breaking the law, neglecting important responsibilities, getting into fights, spending money you don’t have, embarrassing yourself or putting yourself into dangerous situations.

Try going a period without alcohol to see whether it leads to better life decisions. You may find that it’s the root cause of much of the negative drama in your life.

Alcohol is causing health problems

It’s also a good idea to quit alcohol if it’s starting to cause long-term or recurring health problems. After many years of drinking, a lot of people may experience health effects such as memory loss, liver disease, heart disease, digestive problems or cancers. If you experience any of these health problems, consider whether it’s time to quit.

Such health problems are often the result of long-term heavy drinking. Drinking may be a key part of your everyday life and you may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit. If this is the case, consider seeking professional help when quitting such as going into a rehab facility or joining a support group.

Alcohol is putting a strain on your relationships

You should also consider quitting alcohol if your relationships are suffering. Perhaps you’ve been saying mean things to family members or friends or otherwise acting out Or perhaps family and friends are embarrassed by your drunken behavior or concerned by it. What you don’t want to do is lose these friends and family members as a result of alcohol. Quitting could be a way of protecting these relationships for good.

Alcohol is stopping you from achieving personal goals

If alcohol is getting in the way of your personal goals, this could be another sign that you should quit. Regular alcohol consumption can stop people from losing weight, taking on physical challenges, getting certain jobs or even having a baby. Giving up alcohol could allow you to finally chase your goal and be more productive.


  1. I am a believer in moderation. However if your health/relationships/employment are suffering due to alcohol consumption it is past time to look at the issues.

  2. Like you, I have never been a big drinker. I will, however, drink a glass of wine on occasion. And by occasion, I'd say my consumption equals out to less than 1 bottle of wine a year.


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