Sunday, August 22, 2021

I Made 4 New Purchases this Week. One is Going Back.

The second thing I got was this recycled laptop backpack from Fenrici. I like the Purple Terrazzo print, but what is most important to me is that it is going to protect the things I bring home from work!!! It's rainy season here in Florida, and most days when I'm getting off of work, the rain is coming down in buckets right now. I'm not complaining, it's always nice to have rain, but it surely does wreak havoc on my shoes AND on my work laptop that I take back and forth some nights. I tried to just use my own computer, but it doesn't have the same programs my work computer does, so it's just easier to bring that one home. It's not safe to do so in the rain though. Everyone knows a drop of water can fry a laptop faster than heat can fry an egg and that is no bueno for me. That front pocket is big enough for the charger, but there's also a lot of room inside, even after my laptop is tucked inside.

The Fenrici has adjustable, well padded straps to make it easy to carry. It also has a hanging loop so I can put it right by the door. That's very important to me, so I don't forget it when I'm in a rush to get to work. I could tout this as the perfect back-to-school item to buy, and it is, but I needed to get one of these for me!! No regrets. I love the function, practicality and design. And now I can get in and out of the house even if it's raining and not be so worried about the condition of my laptop because it'll be tucked away safely inside.  I carry an umbrella too, but these rains lately have water blowing every which way!

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The second thing I got was this LumiCharge-T2W Led Desk Lamp. It includes a blue tooth speaker and a phone charger. Everything I need on my nightstand in one place. Have you ever purchased a lamp and even with the maximum wattage bulb you didn't get enough light? That's how the light has been in my room for the last year. And yes, I did wait almost a year to change it out. I get so busy that the little things like that slip right by me. The lamp I had did work, it just wasn't the best for getting things bright, so it wasn't urgent for me to change it out. Now that I have though, I'm wishing I'd have done it sooner!

This lamp is from LumiCharge and it really does do it all. It has a clock, a light that you can dim to a soft orange or make very bright, both of which can be very useful. It also has a calendar, temperature reading, and a 10W wireless charger that works very fast. There is an additional holder included that you can use if you want to have your pens/pencils, smart watch, etc. close by. It's a lot for a small lamp and it's everything I could want and more, and even though I didn't know that I needed this particular lamp, now I can't imagine not having it. I love this for me, but I can see my teen appreciating one for his room too. This ideal for workspaces, desks, night stands, etc. 

Window Blinds also came home with me this week, for the second time this year. It's only August but mine need an update. I have a cat and she sticks her little head through those slats sometimes if I don't get them open fast enough for her liking, and two of my slats are bent and mended (which means I stuck clear packaging tape on them, to hold them in place, oh my). I measured and found the right size, quite some time ago, but they were too expensive where we were and I decided to get them a different time, at a different place. Today, I was out shopping and found what I was sure was the right size but I guess I remembered the number wrong. The ones I got were about two inches too big and they're mounted on the inside, so that is not going to work out for me. These blinds are going back to the store (daggone it). I did, however, measure, so I can pick up the correct size when I take these in for the return. I sent myself a text on my phone so I won't forget and inadvertently pick up the wrong size again.

I started this post with a backpack and I'm ending with one too, only this one is for my daughter. She has two daughters, one who is 2-years-old and one who will be 1-year-old in a few weeks. That being said, she has to keep an arsenal of supplies with her everywhere she goes because there's always something one of them needs. Having a waterproof, ergonomically designed backpack that takes in all of the considerations a mom might need is a necessity for her, and this is one of the best that I've seen. It is from KeaBabies and if you like it, it's called the Sleek Diaper Backpack in Ebony Black.

What does it have? Here are just a few of the things, and honestly, it's so awesome that I'm probably forgetting a few!!

On the outside:
  • Large exterior pockets on each side (perfect for a water bottle on one side and a rolled up magazine on the other.
  • Padded straps to ensure weight is evenly distributed
  • Quick zip compartments (great for your phone, money, chargers, etc.).
  • Waterproof material so your things don't get ruined if you get caught in the rain (like I said, it's been raining here a lot lately).
On the inside:
  • 3 insulated bottle pockets right in the front. They have their own zipper JUST in case something leaks. These pockets hold most any size bottle including talls or wide-necks.
  • A clothes storage compartment so you're not searching all over when you need a new outfit
  • Multi-pockets in the main compartment so you can easily store and find things like diapers and wipes, a paci, or a favorite toy.
I like that there is room for everything! This bag is 18" high by 14.5" wide and it expands to be 7.5" deep. It's also vegan leather, which I appreciate as well. This is one of the best backpacks I've seen designed especially for a parent. It'd make a great gift idea, or just a quality purchase for someone who you know needs one (for me, that would be my daughter).

And why am I telling you about my new items? Because it's been awhile since I talked about any of my favorite products, and I felt like now was a good time to do so. :) I've linked everything in case you want to get one or more of them. 

And now about those blinds... I guess it's time to head back to the store. 😊


  1. I never heard about recycling backpack. I definitely need one for travelling with my laptop. I gonna check Fenrici brand.

  2. Great list of items.. I think the LumiCharge Lamp is a great catch and would love to have this too. The design is clever anf multipurpose..
    Thank you for sharing

  3. My laptop backpack is beginning to complain. I need a new one so that must be Fenrici.

  4. Wow...I love that backpack! I long to have a backpack like that where I can feel safe knowing my water bottle is tucked away inside safely! And sorry about the blinds....

  5. We've had to return blinds for the same reason! I love that wireless charger. It is so neat.

  6. I love backpacks. I don't know but I bet so excited with the thought of receiving a new bag or even just reading about backpacks. Maybe because they remind me so much of traveling.

  7. My dogs tore up one set of my blinds. We ended up putting a metal wall in front of the new ones we had to replace them with. As soon as a car goes by or someone rings the bell, they fling the front blinds out of the way so they can see better.
    I miss buying backpacks. Apparently it is not cool to have them in middle or high school anymore. They want drawstring bags. Which is fine since they don't carry books like we did when we were in school. Most of their stuff is on laptop anymore, but I still think a backpack would offer it better protection than a flimsy drawstring bag.

  8. I love the purple geometric bag. It looks so unique. Can't wait to have one!

  9. backpack is cool to put my accessories in it and important thing for when going out. The black one looks nice.

    Fransic -

  10. Backpacks are the best! And I love the versatility of the ones you showcased!

  11. This is such a wonderful back pack you got there. I was actually looking for one that I can sue for travelling. I should consider this!

  12. I am such a huge fan of backpacks. I have three that I use in a very regular rotation and for very different reasons.

  13. this is interesting. the backpack is so cool.


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