Friday, August 6, 2021

6 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Life in 2021

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Please welcome today's contributor.

2021 marks the beginning of a new decade with much potential in your future. Today, you will learn about how you can enrich your life this year. Although simple, these steps will have a massive impact on your life. So, do you want your 2021 to be an incredible year? It is possible through the following simple tips.

Focus on self-care  

What does self-care mean to you? Is it about getting your manicure, pedicure, and facial mask? Or do you think about procedures, such as coolsculpting, massage, and therapy? You are right; self-care means anything that has a positive effect on your overall wellbeing. Self-care is about taking time to focus on yourself. It may be as simple as taking an evening walk with your pet, reading a book, or watching your favorite show. Consider taking at least 30 minutes daily to pay attention to yourself, enjoy the breeze of outdoor air, or engage in something that brightens your day.


Create time for friends and family  

Connecting with friends and family can help you get through difficult situations and manage stress. Additionally, connecting with the people you love gives you a sense of self-worth and belonging. Therefore, it is essential that you create time for friends and family regardless of your busy schedules. Consider having a family dinner or going on a picnic over the weekend with your loved ones.


Expect the unexpected

Learn to limit your expectations this year. Accordingly, be ready to embrace unexpected events with kindness and eliminate the negative thoughts that are more likely to make you susceptible to stressful situations. Be aware of all possible thoughts but do not allow them to weigh you down.


Practice gratitude

Practicing daily gratitude will make you happier and rejuvenated. Additionally, being grateful for what you have and have achieved helps you see life through positive lenses. You will never focus on what you lack. The feeling of satisfaction can help you become a better person and achieve your goals. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. For instance, the past 20 or so months have been very stressful that making it this far should be an achievement. Take time to write down the things you are grateful for every day.


Avoid negative people

If you want to enrich your life and be happier, you should surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Keep off all forms of negativity and people who bring negative vibes to your life.


Take a break 

The past months have been tough for everyone in different measures. Therefore, the most significant thing you can do is to give yourself a break. Do not exert more pressure on yourself. Take a break from anything too demanding. For instance, take time off social media and focus on improving your health. Taking necessary breaks helps you improve your life by reducing the load on your mind.


The bottom line

There is no denying that everyone is going through a lot. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has come with important lessons. It means that you should work to boost your body confidence as you step into 2021. Use these simple tips to enrich your life today.


  1. I avoid negative people at all costs. Great advice one and all, but especially the negative people. Social media falls into that too.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

  2. My upbringing means that I continue to see self care as somehow selfish. A work in progress. Still.

  3. These are all great tips. It is so important to avoid negative and toxic people! I have broken ties with some friends who were so toxic, and life is so much better without them.

  4. A list to live by. I have learned that I need to take time for me and that I can't always do everything.

  5. These are all great tips and most I already practice. Very much needed in the times ahead.

  6. I do believe that a lot of people will think differently after all this is over

  7. Right now I'm working on self-care because life has gotten a little out of control.

  8. self care is indeed very important. For me the hardest part is to avoid negative people, somehow there is at least one in where I work

  9. These are all great tips for me. I need to practice all of these especially the #1. Thank you for this wonderful sharing.

  10. These are really important tips. Each one of them are equally impotant and should be observed.

  11. Gratitude is the way to go. It is very important that we develop the attitude of gratitude. Being grateful despite all the problems and adversaries can make a huge difference.

  12. This is such a great blog post. I definitely needed to read this. I want to practice on focusing on self care and practicing gratitude more for sure.

  13. These are all very important things to work on for overall well-being. Self care is one that I really need to get better at. I've slacked on my fitness routine and feel so tired lately now. I'll move the treadmill this weekend though to a more friendly area in the basement so I can get my routine started again. I used to do fitness classes 4x a week, but darn covid ruined that. My instructor still hosts classes in her driveway, but the idea of cardio and weight lifting in 85 degree heat every day doesn't sit well with me.


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