Monday, June 28, 2021

My Perfume Journey Continues... with a few adjustments as needed...

I'm so clever...or not! 

I thought I was so clever... creating Pinterest boards with all of the fragrances I have tried or want to try (and then filling in notes on them as I gave them a whiff). I literally smelled hundreds of fragrances, diligently cataloging them all, capping the samples I hated forever more, and trading them with people in my fragrance groups so I could try more. What I came to find out is that perfume takes more than one whiff to analyze properly. Some perfumes that I thought smelled one way, smelled a completely different way the second or third time I put them on. It takes experimenting with them a few times to truly figure out if you like them or not. Today, for example, I went through my samples and spritzed on some Bond No. 9, I Love New York for Mother's Day. When I first tried it a few weeks ago, I wrote these notes on my Pinterest Board: Bond No. 9: I Love New York for Mother's Day. It smells good. It reminds me a teeny tiny bit of Creed Aventus but with floral overtones. I would be happy to buy this perfume. I heard it was discontinued, so if you like it, grab one now, just in case that's true. Top notes are Tangerine and Freesia; middle notes are Jasmine and Lily; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood and Amber.

Here's the 'not.'

Having already tried it and liked it, I didn't hesitate to spray liberally this morning. I sprayed my wrists, the front of my shirt and then the back of it too because hey, it's the weekend. I'm not going to bother anyone and I enjoy catching whiffs of the perfume I am wearing. Only it wasn't pleasant for me. Right away I knew it was a big mistake. The Ambergris (which I definitely think I smelled but isn't listed in the notes, and is probably what reminded me a bit of Aventus) was overpowering this time and not at all pleasant. And unless I wanted to change clothes and scrub I was stuck with it for the long haul. It wasn't so horrible that I changed, but it wasn't lovely either, and I was really looking for lovely today. The bummer for me was the fact that I have tried so many Bond No. 9's and that was the only one (and there's another I kind of liked) that I've liked. I have come to realize that even though it is a prominent house in the fragrance community, it just isn't the right one for me.

"Trying" takes a few applications!

So back to the discovery... the thing is, I have been realizing this for a short while now. That the second or third time I try a perfume I have feelings that are different than the previous times. Kilian's Love Don't be Shy is another example. The first couple of times I wore it, I liked it okay. No big deal. Yesterday, I sprayed it on my wrists to see how I felt about it, and I absolutely loved it. LOVED it. I'll be trying it a few more times to make sure before going any further than the sample.

Truthfully though, that wasn't even the first time I thought about and then forgot about the importance of trying a scent a few times before making a final decision, but now I get it. The lesson has soaked in and I will be less in a hurry to catalog and more careful to really give the scents a valid trial before making a conclusive determination.

My Son is Allergic to What?!??!?! 

But he wears cologne!!

Some scents I know I love beyond any shadow of a doubt. Out of all my fragrances that I have now, there are a few that leave me 100% confindent in how I feel about them...and those have been worn several times (and the Parfums de Marly Safanad several THOUSAND times only a slight exaggeration because man, I love that perfume). But there were some that I bought too fast, before I tried them out thoroughly enough and along with the blind buys (I don't do those any more) I bought and didn't like, those have all been sold now. I also sold the strong ones that I do love, but my son's nose did not. 

My kiddo hasn't had an allergy problem since he was little, and even then the pediatrician labeled them 'winter allergies' and they didn't stick around long. But when I started my perfume collection, they flared back up and I took him to the doctor and then the allergy doctor (referral) who told me to get him on an OTC pill (and if it didn't help we'd have a discussion about shots). I was racking my brain trying to figure out what the difference was...what might be triggering him, and then I realized with HORROR that it was my perfume (if you knew how much I love this new hobby, you'd have felt my pain) but, family first. Easy decision (after the first few seconds of being frozen in 'realization terror'). I got rid of the strong ones I loved, took the perfumed body washes out of the shower (they were strong too) and have kept only the mild fragrances around that still smell so good. Guess what? The allergies cleared up instantly. So, to those of you I have loved but you are too strong for my son, sayonara, it's been real. Thank you for the good times, but we just can't be together anymore.

Here to Stay (hurrah!)

It's all good though. There are so many fragrances to try, and so many I can keep around, the softer, more subtle ones that are not in your face. And that's fine by me. I'm not adverse to tweaking my habit. Samples though, have become important more than ever to me now. I try before I buy, and now it'll be for a few wears. If I hear one sniffle, it'll be out of here (though I've been doing a great job of being able to detect what won't ill affect him by just reading the notes). And even if I think I love or hate it after one spray, I'll still be trying it a few different times just to make sure. You just can't tell the fist time you try it, and you CERTAINLY cannot tell by spraying it on a paper strip alone. And with that being said, I won't even fill you in on me thinking I was so clever (yet again) and spraying 8 or 9 (not kidding) strips at a time to bring home and test/catalog. I am laughing just thinking about it. 

I'm still enjoying my hobby, it's just shifting for me in ways I didn't expect, and that I don't mind. The good news is, I can languish in my new sample purchases now and be happy to make a careful decision on where I will or won't be spending my money when it comes time to buy full-sized bottles. Yes, the honeymoon phase is over and I can get a shipment of samples in the mail and not want to try all of them on the same day (previously, I would sit around searching for places I hadn't sprayed on my skin, just so I could try them all as quickly as possible).  I can now be happy that they have arrived and enjoy the longer amounts of time it takes to experiment with them, one-at-a-time.

That being said, I do have my memories of 'the good old days' where I was frantically trying to smell every perfume ever made in the quickest amount of time possible (not really, but you get the idea). I couldn't pass a place that sold perfume without wanting to go in and see what they had to test. And oh! to the Palm Beach mall that had soooooo many good stores!! There was one time I did spray at least ten testers, and I was very careful not to let them touch one another. I got home, was unloading the car and a neighbor said, 'can you please tell me what you are wearing? That is the most delightful smell I have ever smelled in my life." I told him it was a concoction of about ten different testers on paper and he laughed and said I should wear that every day!! Indeed, I should not... can you imagine the amount of Kleenex I'd have to invest in for my son??? 


  1. I've been wearing the same perfume for over 20 years. I am so used to mine, I'm not sure I'll ever switch.

  2. This sounds like such a great journey! Hard to find just the right scent!

  3. I often find I like the smell of perfume on other people but not on myself. I tend to like either really fresh floral or a deep heady smell with jasmine in.

  4. Oh wow, I bet it came as a shock that your child was allergic to your perfume. It's a shame you had to part with some of your favourites.

  5. Hi Rosey - well I'm glad you sorted your son out ... by eliminating the stronger perfumes ... sad, as it's your hobby and is one you obviously enjoy. I am so glad I realised early on that one perfume suits me - in fact it was a friend's mother who brought it back for me from a holiday in Antigua - I haven't changed in over 50 years!

    Love your neighbour's comment and yes the amount of Kleenex would cost a wee bit ... anyway glad you've worked out what's what - as you say family first ... all the best - Hilary

  6. Your post is very informational as I did not know that the scents can change everyday. I was told that before I buy a scent, I should spray it and wait for a few hours as the scent changes according to the individual body

  7. I do enjoy the smell of some perfumes and some seem to trigger allergies for me as well. It can be difficult to find a balance.

  8. I keep only two fragrances which I loved since my college days. On ordinary days, I only use a light fruit scented cologne. I am sorry that you had to let go of some of your favorites, but like you said, "family first."

  9. I always tend to go for lighter, more floral scents as the weather warms up so I've been making some adjustments too! I usually wear The One which has always been my go-to but lately I've been loving this cucumber mist- it's so refreshing. Perfume really has a wonderful way to just lifting the spirits and creating a mood.

  10. Oh wow this was a really interesting read and sounds like a journey for sure. I did not know perfumes could change and it is a shame a few of your favs have had to go xx

  11. I absolutely love experimenting with new perfumes. I want to try more so that I can find my signature scent. There are so many perfumes out there. There's a perfect scent for everyone.

  12. I'm glad you figured out the culprit to your son's allergies. I'd definitely have a break up party too, even though I would probably be more sad than the perfume over our breakup LOL. I hope you find some great soft scents to replace the stronger ones with.

    1. I have been replacing bit by bit, with those I test first to ensure they won't bother my kiddo's allergies. It's working out pretty good. :)

  13. I get so confused when it comes to perfumes! One day I love this fragrance and the next day, I don't like it πŸ™ˆ I love mild, floral scents over the strong ones πŸ™‚ Great postπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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