Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Razor has got some great energy-burning activity ideas perfect for indoor play!

Kiddos have energy to burn?
Mine does, and Razor has some great ideas to help alleviate his restlessness. We already do the laundry basketball (he's a basketball nut, so everything is a basketball hoop), but the bowling with soda bottles (or water bottles!) sounds great to me! We'll be trying that one.

Get kids of all ages to unplug and get up and MOVE, even inside, with ideas like these:
Simon Says – This classic game gets an indoor twist with commands like “Simon says hop to your pillow and back,” “Simon Says run up the stairs and back,” and “Simon Says bring me a spoon”
Dance Party – Nothing gets kids going like a dance party! Pick a favorite playlist and crank up the jams! Learn a new move on YouTube or try a round of freeze dance, pausing your music and holding statue-still til it starts up again (Alexa is a great freeze dance partner!)
Tape Shapes – Clear some space on a non-carpeted floor and use painter’s tape to make large triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles on the floor. Assign each child a starting space, then call moves like “crab walk to the circle,” “crawl to the square,” or “jump backwards to the rectangle.”
Balloon Ball – Blow up some balloons, toss a sheet over two chairs to make a “net”, and serve up a round of indoor balloon volleyball – just don’t let that balloon touch the floor!
Laundry Basketball – If your kids are bonkers for basketball, empty out a laundry basket and take turns tossing a Nerf ball into the basket, backing up two steps each time you score. See who can shoot from the farthest distance!
Soda Bottle Bowling – Dig some empty soda or water bottles out of the recycling and set up an indoor bowling alley in your hallway. Roll a soft ball toward your targets and see who can knock down the most “pins” and reset them the fastest.
Long Jump – Using painter’s tape, lay six 2-foot strips, each about a foot apart. Assign a starting spot and see who can jump the farthest!
Potato Pass – Kids waddle their way toward a bucket or bowl – with a potato between their knees – and see who can drop it in first in this half-baked indoor game! Make it tricky by placing the bucket in another room, forcing turns or steps along the way.
Be My Mirror – Pair up your kids and assign a starter to make a series of moves while their partner tries to mirror what they’re doing. Get through the series and switch roles – miss one and begin again!
Hula Hoop Marathon – Grab a hoop and set the timer to see who can last the longest. Expert “hoopers” can try swiveling their hula hoops on their necks, arms, and ankles.
Just because they are still staying inside doesn’t mean they have to be couch potatoes. Get creative and your kids will follow suit. And these can all be played outside as well! 😊
Thanks to Razor for the tips!


  1. I saw something on facebook last night that looked like fun. Tape a piece of paper to your back. Tape another piece of paper to the wall. Have someone draw a picture on the paper on your back and you try to recreate what they are drawing by touch. This is done in steps, of course to make it easier. It looked so funny, I can't wait to try it with the fam this weekend.

  2. I've done some of those in the past and maybe recently with the poop machines.

  3. Great ideas! My kids love dance parties. Our favorite tracks are from The Greatest Showman. :-)

  4. Looks like something my boys would enjoy, for sure. I need to upgrade Isaak's scooter. He still has a kid one, but he's now almost as tall as I am. Where does time go?

    I just found out yesterday that I lost my job. No money coming in to buy a scooter. They just couldn't recruit students with high schools shut down.


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