Monday, December 9, 2019

Well...these gifts from Yulu Toys are Going to Happen

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

A good friend of mine has a young girl who asked for a fishing game and snot for her Christmas gifts. The fishing game, mom is down with, but the snot??? She is not. Hahaha. The child, however, will not stop talking about how cool the latter is, and how her friend brought it to school for show-and-tell and everyone loved it so so much, and so now because it hasn't been a fly-by-night request, mom is reconsidering. I find the whole thing very funny, and I'm secretly glad my granddaughters like girly toys. ;) What I told my bff, is that I have games similar to the ones she is talking about, and another for her son, if she'd like them to gift to her little ones (from Santa, of course).

Here are the toys I have, all from the same company: Yulu Toys:

The fishing game Fish for Fish, is one where you design your own fishing spears, using the non-sharp ingredients included in the game. 

Of course, half the fun is that you get to create your own spear, but the other fun is in 'fishing' for the highest number amounts.

This is one of those games that doesn't take long at all to play, so children won't lose interest in it. In fact, you'll hear 'one more time' over and over again, as the kids reset the chips and get ta' fishin'. You can find it at Target and retail stores nationwide.

Pop Pops Snotz is the toy my friend's daughter keeps asking for (we think!), and that is (for her, delightfully) icky.

You take the mallet and pop the snot bubbles. There are little characters inside of the slimy snot to recover (if you can wrap your brain around the fact that it's not really snot, but rather it is just a slime-like compound with a toy inside that you are touching). ;) Ewwww!  This too, is sold in stores nationwide. Refills available. 

And this game...King of the Ring, is the one I think I'm going to gift to mom for her little brother. Give the sumo wrestlers a push into the ring. The last one standing when time runs out gets elevated to the top as the winner. The whole game is cute and fun, but the elevation is the best part (see the video). You can learn more about this and the other items mentioned by visiting the Yulu Toys website. You can also find this one in retail stores nationwide.

All three toys are going in the holiday gift guide because I know if her kids like them, others are certainly going to as well. If anything, they add fun to shopping (which this time of year, can sometimes be not so fun $$). :)  

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