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Top Christmas Gift Ideas for a Baby or Toddler

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I have found the easiest members of the family to buy for are the babies!! These perfect gift ideas are sure to please, and I highly and happily recommend them all!

#1). Sleepea 5-Second Baby Swaddle from Happiest Baby

Most of the items on here are going to be toys because those are the most fun items to get on Christmas morning, no matter how old you are, but this first one is so awesome for the smallest of littlest, that I wanted to include it. It is the Sleepea 5-second baby swaddle. My daughter once told me her sweet baby girl didn't like to sleep unless she was in a swaddle. Of course, swaddling in the middle of the night after a change is not always a five-second ordeal. Any new parent can attest to that as being fact. With the Sleepea, it is easy to get them in the swaddle and just as easy to get them out, and in moments your little one will be snug as a bug in a rug. This picture shows some of the patterns (there are more!) and the one we chose for a baby shower gift. These make a great holiday or baby shower gift to any expectant mom or a parent with a newborn child.

Made from 100% Organic Cotton, this ultra-soft and breathable swaddle helps babies be happier and sleep longer. We’ve thought of it all! A unique double-zip allows for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. An inner arm wrap means that even the trickiest of Houdini’s can’t sneak out an arm in the middle of the night, plus our special Velcro is designed to be extra quiet. Open-weave mesh ventilation at the legs and shoulders reduces the risk of overheating and Sleepea’s shape is healthy for hip position and development.

These are worth every penny when they are full price, but right now these are on sale for $12.98. Website:

2). Now let's get down to the toys!!! The My First Scout Book from Leap Frog.

Leap Frog has been favored by families for as long as I can remember, and I have a son who is 32! It is a brand I have used for all four of my children, and I now buy for my baby grands. This book combines the love of reading that most parents hope to foster into their children, with a love of play that children intrinsically gravitate towards. My First Scout Book combines the two with an adorable, chunky, soft book that has touch-and-feel pages along with a 3D Scout that pops off of the front of the book. Pull tabs let children easily turn to their favorite pages.
There's something exciting to learn on every page of the My First Scout Book™. Each spread of this touch-and-feel book will delight your baby as they explore the shiny pond, crinkly flower, peek-a-boo flap and baby-safe mirror. Hear an adorable welcome song and four sing-along songs that introduce your little one to numbers, letters, colors and shapes when you press the light-up button on this electronic baby book. Explore more learning on each page by pressing the soft page tabs to hear phrases and music. Help Scout find the hidden bone on each of the two-page spreads. Grab the handle on this soft book for babies and take it everywhere you go! This is recommended for children ages 3-24 months. It is sold online, including at Amazon, or you can find it in retail stores nationwide.


3. The Leap Frog Lettersaurus is for children ages 1-3. It offers a great way for children to learn the alphabet, numbers and music. It's cute as can be, and your little one can pull it along or sit down and play with it. It uses 2 AA batteries. It is sold online or in retail stores everywhere.

Learning letters is dino-mite with the Lettersaurus™! This adorable alphabet dinosaur has colorful letter buttons on his back that lets kids explore letter names and the sounds they make. Press the dino or footprint button to hear friendly phrases or add sounds to a jungle beat. Spinning the tail wheel introduces numbers and plays a counting song. For more music, pressing the light-up star button plays three upbeat songs. The dinosaur toy is also a pull toy that turns his head side-to-side as he wobbles along. Intended for ages 12+ months. 

Letter learning: Bright, multi-color letter buttons trigger letter names and sounds. Number wheel:
Spin the number wheel on the dino’s tail to explore numbers. Light-up star: Press the star button to hear an ABC, counting or a dino song. Pull-along play: Pull the dino along to see his head turn side-to-side as he wobbles along. Foot print button:Trigger a cool jungle beat, then press the letter buttons to add sounds to the music. Dino button: Listen to the dino say friendly phrases.

Just like Leap Frog, VTech is a name we have come to trust and love for the children in our family over the years. It is a brand that has never let us down, and the toys literally get passed down from generation to generation (and they are still in perfect order). In fact, I think each of my four grown children all have a VTech item in their baby box. This small Push & Pull Explore Elephant is going to be great for my youngest grandbabe who just started to crawl. Baby holds the handle to push or pull the toy, which activates sound, and the buttons also each make a noise. There is an on/off switch for your convenience. You can find this online or in retail stores.

Have tons of fun with the Push & Explore Elephant™, an interactive elephant toy for infants. Easy-to-grab handle is perfect for little hands while encouraging crawling, exploration and motor skill development. Buttons introduce the elephant and his animal friends, shapes and counting, and play sounds, melodies and phrases. Little explorers can push the elephant to activate the motion sensor and hear playful sounds and short phrases. Big textured elephant ears provide tactile stimulation and encourage fine motor skill development. Grab the friendly elephant for unforgettable on-the-go play! Intended for ages 6-36 months. Requires 1 AAA battery. Battery included for demo purposes only, new battery recommended for regular use.

5. The star of the show for me this year is the VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn. I am so excited to gift this to my granddaughter. My only daughter had a rocking Tigger when she was little. She loved that little toy, and now I have the privilege as grandmama to give her little one a rocking unicorn that I think she is going to love. I look forward to seeing her big, bright smile when she gets a chance to see and hear the toy in action, and then the pure joy she'll experience (this child lights up a room with her smile) when she gets to climb aboard. At first she'll use it as a rocker, and as she gets older her mom and dad can flip the base and it will become a ride-on toy.
Go on a magical ride with the Prance & Rock Learning Unicorn™! This grow-with-me unicorn transforms from a rocker to a ride-on in seconds. As toddlers rock and ride, the built-in motion sensors respond with playful music and magical unicorn sounds to encourage gross-motor development and imagination. Pretend to visit castles and fly over rainbows with your new unicorn friend! Encourage fantasy play in Adventure mode with playful phrases and imaginative songs, then switch to Learning mode to introduce colors. Spin the bead wheel to hear fun sounds and short tunes and watch the unicorn’s horn twinkle in response. Intended for ages 12-36 months. Requires 2 AAA batteries.  

These 5 items are all favorites, and I highly recommend them as fantastic gift giving ideas this holiday season.


  1. Yep, the kiddos are the easiest to buy for indeed. Even though you can buy them any toy they want and then 5 minutes later they are back to playing with the cat toy lol Dinosaur it is for the kiddos this year though.

  2. Cute! I miss buying for littles. My youngest nephew is now in Kindergarten. I'm giving him a Paw Patrol movie I won and a Spider-Man blanket I reviewed. He's obsessed with Spider-Man, and has never seen Paw Patrol.

    My niece just got married in October. I think they will have a baby in the next few years. I don't think we'll do presents, except for a baby shower gift.

  3. I am so glad I saw this post. I am guilty of buying toys to advanced for children’s age. For my 1 1/2 yr old grandson these are perfect options and are cute as can be. I am going now to shop these. Thanks again.

  4. Such cute ideas! We don't have any littles right now to buy for, but I my niece is expecting her second baby this spring. I can't wait to buy these kinds of toys once again soon!


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