Thursday, December 12, 2019

Teach Children that Being Unique is Being Awesome: Only You Can be You (book)

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Only You Can be You is an oversized hard cover book for small children that helps them understand the importance of being unique and different from one another.

Some kids like to dance and laugh out loud, and some sit quietly and make up stories in their heads—but we're all different, and that's okay because the maker of everything made us this way!
In their first picture book, bestselling author Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan encourage children on the journey to discovering their strengths. Mother and son duo draw on themes from their first book, Different, the emotive story of Nathan's experiences growing up with mental illness and learning disabilities and Sally's journey to loving him unconditionally. With the powerful truth that what makes you different makes you great, Only You Can Be You will help children embrace their differences and celebrate the differences in others.
The irresistible rhymes paired with Tim Warnes's whimsical illustrations encourage your children with the reassurance they're looking for in their own uniqueness. Whether they are quiet or artistic, funny or boisterous, your children will love this heartwarming read that assures them that they're wonderful exactly as they are.

I love books that help reinforce the importance of embracing every child as who they are, and not trying to change them or make them feel bad for it; for it is our differences that makes us who we are, and if we were all the same, life would make for a very unexciting life indeed.

Sending a positive message in today's society is more important than ever! Help your children realize and understand that they are just the way they are, and that's the way they are supposed to be. You can find this book online or in retail stores nationwide. Visit HERE to learn more.


  1. Hi Rosey - this looks to be a delightful book ... just love these things - so good to see briefly and to read about here - essential we're all different: it's good to be unique and learn about others ... thanks for enlightening us - cheers Hilary

  2. This is most wonderful. We are all what we are and should be celebrated.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  3. There was just something about this book that made it special to me, something that ever kid needs to know and understand ............. Ordered and will be delivered Friday for my great niece (3) for Christmas.

  4. I love books that reinforce this message as well. Kids just want to fit in, and a lot of times they try to copy their peers. What makes us so special is what we have to offer that's different from everyone else. This is a great book!

  5. A great one for the kiddos indeed. Each should be themselves and not conform to what adults want or other kids.

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I try and tell the kids this DAILY

  7. This is a lovely book! I would love to get a copy for my niece and nephew as well as my son.


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