Thursday, December 5, 2019

Stocking Stuffers we Love to Gift!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

We make a big deal of the stockings over here. We put some of the all-time, now traditional favorites, like the chocolate orange (lo' and behold, lest I forget their chocolate orange ;) ), body wash and lotion (their favorite scents), a gift card or two and then something fun, like these great mismatched socks from Pals Socks! 

This year, I didn't know if my son could wear the children's version (he couldn't, which is what I suspected) so I gave him the adult pair, and he saw them before I wrapped them, hence he now has them on his feet (and I have to find something else to put in his stocking) but they are still a great idea for the Christmas socks (ha! socks in socks).

There are many different varieties, and this pair is the taco and hot sauce. I like the mismatched, but still matching theme (the cookies and milk pair is really cute to me too) and think this is a super fun item to put into a stocking.

Pals Socks has these in children's and adult sizes, and there are many mismatched styles to choose from (that do have the same theme). Learn more by visiting their website.

For the baby in our family, and we do have a sweet little darling, the Baby Banana Magical Unicorn Toothbrush is great because it's unusual (designed so baby cannot choke on it) and cute. It is also effective. You want to take care of baby's teeth, and these little toothbrushes are a great way to turn practical care into fun.

Baby Banana's Magical Unicorn Brush makes brushing and teething an enchanting experience! Made of 100% food-grade silicone, this toothbrush is perfect for brushing baby's teeth as well as soothing sore teething gums. Its soft silicone bristles massage gums, while its easy-to-grasp wings make it easy for baby to hold and manipulate. This adorable brush not only helps baby establish good oral care habits early, it also offers an exciting variety of shapes and textures to explore--from long flowing hair, to a dimpled unicorn horn. This magical creature will become baby's best brushing buddy!

Even the back of the toothbrush is cute, with the magical unicorn hair flowing down and the tail flowing up. This is just a really cute design. You can get other designs too (including bananas, which I suspect came first, considering the company's name), and there is a Banana Tooth Gel you can purchase too. Learn more by visiting the Baby Banana website.

Make Today Count is a perpetual desk calendar that has 365 days of inspiration for you to help live life fit. It is the perfect size for a stocking and a welcome gift for anyone who appreciates the reminder of how important it is to remain or get fit and stay healthy. 

I like that it focuses on making goals, not resolutions because goals can be measurable, achievable and realistic, AND all you have to do to get going, is take one step forward, which is something you can do right now!
It has a built-in stand if you want to have it upright for easy page turning. Putting it up this way also makes it very easy to see throughout the day. That is a great feature for me because I don't know about you, but the longer the work day gets, the more apt I am to reach for a treat, just to make the day seem like it's going faster. With subtle reminders around me like this one, I will be more inclined to reach for an orange versus a piece of chocolate candy. :)  These are sold in retail stores (like Target) nationwide, or you can buy in bulk (these would make great office gifts!) on the Fitlosophy website.

These three gift ideas are great for stockings. There's something for babies, children and adults, and they're all products that have a quality we stand behind. Stuffing stockings is fun, and memorable for you and the gift recipient. That's why we do our best to make sure we get items like these, that we know our stocking recipients will love. Happy Holiday and New Year shopping to you!

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