Thursday, December 12, 2019

Stitch People: Cross Stitch Books make a Cute Gift Idea!

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One thing I have never gotten around to trying is Cross Stitch. I know people love it, and I have a wonderful cross-stitch picture that my friend and her daughter made me years ago, but it isn't something any of us here has sat down to try to learn to do on our own. Stitch People is a company that creates cross stitch in a book, so not only is it something we can easily try our hands at now, but it's also easy to take along with us, so if I want to try a little at basketball practice, or during a break at work, it's going to be easy to access and do.

There are many patterns and styles to choose from on the Stitch People website. You can get an e-version or a physical version. I like the farm animals book because it has a pig. If any of you have been blog friends that have been around for awhile, you might remember that my son loooooveesss lil' piggies. Now that he's older (middle school), it's one thing from his youth that he's kept being fond of, and it makes me smile. In fact, I'm looking for a cute, appropriate pig ornament for the Christmas Tree to commemorate his long-time love of the cute little critters. I'm also thanking goodness we don't live on a farm, because I bet he'd ask for one, and unless it's a cat or a dog, I'm not overly huge on animal clean-up or taking care of things that might be unpredictable or messy. :)

I like the different kinds of alphabet series you can choose from, and there are some that are cursive too. I'm so surprised that so many older kids can't sign their names. I realize the need for cursive has dissipated, but everyone should be able to sign their name, right? These would be a fun way to help them learn, if you got a version that had script. I know how to write in cursive (old school here, for sure), so I would choose the kit above. I like the block font of 'The Greens.'

There are holiday versions too: Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas, and more. I think the Christmas version would be a fun gift for right now, since we are in the thick of the holiday season. Plus, it would be a fun way to keep the holiday spirit alive as the year moves on. It gives the kids (or adults) something fun to do. I think these are a cute idea. Learn more by visiting the Stitch People website to learn more!


  1. Cross stitch is fun. And incredibly varied, some are simple and others decidedly not.

  2. I used to cross stitch and plastic canvas all the time when I was younger. I really want to get back into it.

  3. My mom did a lot of cross stitching back in the 80's. I haven't seen anyone do it since, up until a month ago I saw a lady teaching her daughter at Allison's swim meet. It's nice to see that this art is still alive and well!

  4. Can't say I've ever had the inkling, but my grandmother did. I can still sign my name, even if it looks like gibberish, though lol

  5. So cute!
    I remember my mom doing this back in the day


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