Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Smarty Folks Use SmartyPits (okay that was lame, but it's also true!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Smartypits is an aluminum-free deodorantm, and this Coconut Mango version they have smells so so so so good! Seriously, this stick has the best fragrance I have ever come across for a deodorant. Smartypits is about more than just keeping odors in check, it is also about providing you the most sensible choice of protection, free of potentially harmful ingredients.

There are a lot of different scents; these are some of them. The Almond Biscotti is seasonal and I bet that one smells good too. There are different strengths as well. The Super Strength has baking soda, but you can opt to get it without. The question is, do they work? Well, I was curious too, so I put it to the test. Everything I did was normal (day-to-day things, and yes, I did do a workout) because that's when I want my deodorant to work...when I'm doing everyday things. I have only used it inside; going about my day to day routine, so I can't yet say if it works outside, but I suspect it does. What do I base that opinion on? The reviews!! In addition to my own positive experience with Smartypits, there are hundreds of reviews for each scent, saying how good it works.

In addition to the variety and types (sensitive skin, extra strength, teen, etc.) of deodorant they have, Smartypits also sells deodorant cream, foot deodorant, Smart Salve and more. These new deodorants have become popular in part, because so many are now super conscious about what they are putting in and on their bodies. If like me, you put practical items in the mix when filling your Christmas Stockings, these would be a great holiday gift idea. Dropping one in a stocking is a good way to let someone else give these a try and see how great they work (and smell). If you're curious, I recommend reading the 'about us' page too. It's an interesting story behind how and why the product was made, as well why donations from each sale go to help support Breast Cancer Research. Learn more about Smartypits by visiting their website


  1. They sure sound like a win, keeping the crap off and out of you is the best way to be indeed. Ingredients are important, even if one's headline comes up lame lol

  2. I should try this. I have had allergic reactions to deodorant, as well as pads. I'd like the orange, mango, or almond scents.

  3. Ingredients are important indeed and they donate to Breast Cancer Research. Even better.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  4. I could send this to my daughter!

  5. I love dessert scents. The almond biscotti sounds lovely! Actually, they all do!


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