Friday, December 13, 2019

Playmobil: The Movie (2019) and Del's Food Truck (great holiday gift idea!)

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Did you know Playmobil has a new movie out in theaters? One thing I love about this time of year is there is never a shortage of fun movies for the kids at the theater. That cannot be said year round!! We are very selective with what we take the kids to see (Rated G or PG for my middle-schooler, and G for the grandbabe). It's nice to take them to a show and look over to see their faces mesmerized by the big screen, and know that they are watching entirely kid-friendly content. You get that with Playmobil: the Movie (2019).

Del's Food Truck from the Playmobil Movie has 110 pieces to it, which means there are endless scenarios the kids can make setting up their own movie or play scenes. My kiddos (child and grandchild) love to play with these kinds of kits, and the more mini pieces (that are such great replicas of the real things!) the better. Of course, the set is made by Playmobil and that matters too. They have always, and still do, make high quality toys the kids love to play with (we are coming to the end of our Advent calendar right now, and we are loving it, and we have our Playmobil Christmas Bakery out on display for everyone to see!).

By chance the siblings Marla and Charlie are drawn into the magical, colourful PLAYMOBIL® universe and separated. To find Charlie again, Marla must embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Fortunately she meets Del, a crazed food truck driver, who helps her to find her way in this fantastic world with its wacky rules. Together, the two of them drive through the exciting PLAYMOBIL® worlds in Del's cool red food truck, pass difficult challenges and grow beyond themselves on their journey. Will they succeed in finding Charlie?PLAYMOBIL: The Movie© is the first animated film inspired by the imaginative world of PLAYMOBIL® and takes the audience on an epic, funny and unforgettable adventure. Matching the cinema launch, there are nine cool game sets around the PLAYMOBIL® film.The play set consists of film characters Marla in college jacket and Del, Del's red food truck with equipment, sleeping serum, magic hay and many other extras.

One thing I really want to ask about this kit is: Can we dwell a minute on that cheeseburger? LOL!! My son is going to love this whole entire set, but it's the cheeseburgers that will send him over the moon. I'm calling it. :)
PLAYMOBIL: The Movie is the first motion picture inspired by the iconic toy brand, PLAYMOBIL and is ready, of course, with its toy line based on the brand-inspired animated movie. The movie takes the audience on an epic and hilarious adventure through the fantastic, imaginative universe of PLAYMOBIL. You can go on an adventure of your own with the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie Del’s Food TruckComing to Marla’s rescue, she soon convinces Del to help her find her brother, Charlie. Using the food truck, Del whips up some spicy burritos to catch a villain. Just a pinch of sleeping serum should do the trick. Defeating multiple villains, Del and Marla work together, racing through the PLAYMOBIL Worlds to try to locate Charlie. Set includes Del, Marla, menu board, table, burritos, magical hay, and other accessories. Clearly, this is no ordinary food truck.

We went to see the Playmobil movie, and we enjoyed it. I'm always just scared to take a photo during the film (I guess I'm afraid the movie police will arrest me for my phone being out, ha!) but I did snap one at the end. Look closely and you can see those sweet recliners our theater recently installed. Those add a nice touch after a long day of looking for just the right gift for just about everyone we know. We kicked back and relaxed and it was a very welcome reprieve from busy holiday shopping.

Go see the movie. It's cute, and the littles will thank you for taking that time out. When you're finished, you can swing on over to Walmart (or other popular retailers) and pick up Del's adorable and very interesting food truck from the movie. It's an awesome gift on its own, but even better if the kiddos have seen the movie and can make that connection. The Playmobile Movie Food Truck is sold online (including at Amazon) and at retail stores nationwide.

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  1. Cheeseburgers for the win? haha looks like a good set indeed. Never even heard they were making a movie out of it until sites started saying it bombed.


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