Friday, December 20, 2019

National BestSeller: Be Fearless!

With some fearless children of my own who have forged great paths for their lives, I find myself inspired at times to do a touch of the same. Most of the time, I just opt for security (I like having a steady paycheck and knowing how much it is going to be, and that it is going to pay the bills), but every once in awhile, I will think beyond. For those who do more than think...for those who do!, my hats off to you for your failures and your successes, for one is often the stepping stone to the other!

This holiday season, inspiration is a thing we all could use. That’s why Be Fearless, by Jean Case, is the perfect gift for the holiday season.  Be Fearless: Five Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose, has received acclaim from the likes of CBS This MorningPBS News HourMSNBC, National Geographic and Fast Company

The National Bestselling book is filled with inspirational stories of fearlessness and the remarkable people who took bold steps to change the world. From a fourteen-year-old girl who created a nonprofit to safely dispose of prescription pills and drugs; to a man who started a bakery to employ the “unemployable” men and women just released from prison; to an immigrant celebrity chef who figured out how to serve millions of meals to hurricane victims in dire straits, Be Fearless weaves together real world stories from innovators and leaders that readers from all backgrounds can use to be inspired to bring about transformational changes at work, in life and in their communities.

When Jean Case, Chairman of the National Geographic Society and CEO of the Case Foundation, set out to investigate the core qualities of great changemakers, past and present, she found five surprising traits they all had in common. They weren’t wealth, privilege, or even genius. It was that all of these exceptional men and women chose to make a “big bet,” take bold risks, learn from their failures, reach beyond their bubbles, and let urgency conquer fear.

This book makes a great holiday gift idea, or a great read to help you bring in the new year the right way! Available for purchase HERE or at retail stores nationwide.


  1. Definitely inspirational.
    Many thanks.

  2. Sounds like one to help those who forge ahead, or who are one the brink, keep on a going. Even though one has to remember that for every one story of those who make it, there are another 100 of those who don't. Thing to be said for steady paycheck.

  3. This sounds like a very inspiring book. I just added it to my online library to check out after the holidays.

  4. This sounds like a book I need in my life. I need a good pick me up. I love inspirational and self-help books.


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