Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Book: It's What We Do Together That Counts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit on your list of who to buy for this year, It's What we do Together that Counts: The BIC Alliance Story, by Earl Heard could be a great addition to their bookshelves! It is an inspiring faith-filled book of how a man worked hard and truly went from rags to riches. It is a classic story that inspires dreams, and it's also not overly large, so it is a fairly fast read, and one that you will likely turn to again for guidance and inspiration.

It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story is a true story about Faith over Adversity, Perseverance, and Entrepreneurship. Meet Earl Heard, Founder/CEO of the BIC Alliance, a top industrial media publisher and faith-based film/TV producer. Learn how he’s gone from Rock Bottom to become a successful entrepreneur. Shared in this book you will find 11 Earl’s Pearls of Wisdom, 100 tips for achieving peace, happiness and success in your life and business, plus success secrets from the experts.

I like stories with a happy ending, even more so if they're non-fiction, and this one is definitely true! Kudos to Heard for the hard work he did to achieve success; even more accolades to him, for sharing how with us. You can purchase this book online (including at Amazon) or in retail stores nationwide.

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