Sunday, December 15, 2019

Aquabeads are Great for Children Who Like to Create

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Every once in awhile I will mention the same gift idea in my Holiday Gift Guide from one year to the next. That is because I get new readers throughout the year, and some gifts are too good to miss. One we feel that way about in our house is Aqua Beads. My babe loved these last year, and she still loves to play with this set when she comes to visit, this year. She was mesmerized the first time we sat down to put together these Aquabeads, and she still gets just as enthralled every time I pull out the set.

She's 6-years-old, so holding a toy where the box is about as big as she is, turned out to be a really big deal. ;) This is the Aquabeads Deluxe Edition and it comes with everything you need to make adorable designs the kids will love. 

We opened the box up and got to work. The first thing to do was open the little bags of aquabeads and get them in their partitions. This turned out to be something that was fun to do too! Who knew? 😊

The bead wheel had to be filled as well, and that was so intriguing, we had to take turns to avoid arguments on that one (you've been forewarned). 😏😄

Once all of the beads were in the container (which has a wonderful lid that allows them to stay in place), the real fun began.

This picture is irrelevant to Aquabeads, but I had to include it because it makes me laugh. While my son was doing the craft activity with his niece (and yes, he loved it too!) his cat...and I say his cat because she only loves me when he is busy, has to be right next to him. We have picnic table-style benches and because he went to sit there for something besides dinner, she felt she had to be right there in the mix. I'm not sure why she was perturbed looking though (when her cute little ears go back she's usually perturbed), unless it was because we were in the kitchen without feeding her, hahahaha.

The kids took turns making their designs. You can see the template under her arm, and under the bead tray my son is using. You slip the cardboard templates under that plastic and can use it to make designs. Of course, you are free to make your own as well!

I included the picture above because a). you can see the way to use the templates better and b). my camera has made my granddaughter look like she's turning into Casper the Friendly Ghost (see her arm?). LOL!

I got in on it too, and made a little bunny. :)

One you make your designs, you spray them with water and let them set for the specified amount of time. They stick together like magic, and for the most part, they don't fall apart (if they do, perhaps because they didn't get wet enough in the process, you can just spray water and restick them).

The waiting is the hardest part. While our creations dried, my granddaughter set to work on making other designs in the 3-D bucket. She made the back of a turtle, but  never got around to making the legs or head because she was too excited to check the ones that were setting. Not to worry though, I sent this toy with her, and when she opens the box at home, I'm sure she'll go right back to finishing up her little turtle. :) 

The video above is for the beginning set (we used the Deluxe set) and you can get either at Aquabeads online, or in retail stores everywhere (click here for store locator). You can also get it at Amazon. We had a great time playing with our set, and I recommend this and the Calico Critters wholeheartedly for any time, but especially for great holiday gift ideas!

I did repeat the content with my granddaughter from last year, but only because it was such a great holiday gift idea, that we wanted to include it again the year. Just for the record though, I have another brand new one to gift to my niece for this year. I suspect she will love it every bit as much as my granddaughter does, since they are only one year apart in age.


  1. That looks like something my kids would really have fun with.

  2. lol sure does look a little perturbed. The kiddos are having fun though, that is the main thing. Getting them creative is always a win, whether the kitties like it or not haha

  3. I bought something like this for Broxton... could not remember the brand to get, so I think I ended up with an off brand. ha ha ha... we shall see if this works, but think i need this kit so that we can make cool designs (I think i just have beads! ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

  4. My girls had these when they were little and I remember them being a huge hit with them and their friends. On a side note, when the heck did your granddaughter turn 6? I feel like you were just announcing her arrival. Gah! I feel old now LOL. On another side note, I love seeing pics of your cute kitty. I never thought of myself as a cat person (I do love petting other's cats, just never wanted my own) until my daughter adopted one earlier this year. Now, I fancy getting one for myself. Jason says no, but once my dogs pass in a few years, I'm confident I'll get my way ;)

  5. Isaak would have liked this. He's kind more into drawing right now though.

  6. This looks like fun. My niece would absolutely love it.


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