Friday, November 29, 2019

Stikbot Stop Motion Toys

Stikbot Zanimation Studio is a cool gift idea to give kids. It allows them a simple way to make movies and post on their social media to share with their friends. This is the kit where you move something, take a picture, move it slightly, take another picture, etc., and then string it all together to make a video where it looks like they are moving on their own. You can change the background, add sound effects, etc. to make it even more fun. It's the kind of toy kids enjoy using on their own, or with friends/family.

My son had it on his holiday gift buying list, but when we drew an angel from a tree for donations, a child had it on his list too. I talked to my son and he agreed that it was okay to take his gift and give it to the child who wanted it and might not otherwise have the opportunity to give it. So, I gifted it to my son who gifted it to another who wanted it, before he even opened it. That's what the Christmas spirit is all about; blessing others because you too are so very blessed (whether you have a penny to your name or not). And does a toy bless someone else? Of course, it can. Kids love toys. It brings them joy. And my son blessed me by giving it. That giving spirit in him makes me happy. I hope he never loses it.

New in 2019, Stikbot came out with multi colored body! 

Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures that are ready for your next Stikbot Movie! Stikbot figures are built with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface. With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. Users can share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world! 

The kit is easy to set up and use, and kids will love it because it is unique, fun and they get to show others. This makes a fun holiday gift idea for older kids.

You can also buy any extra Klikbot characters you would like to help make movies!

Learn more by visiting the Stikbot website. You can also buy these in retail stores everywhere.

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