Saturday, November 9, 2019

Florida Offers More Than Beaches

Most tourists know that Florida coastal cities offer amazing beaches, water activities and seafood feasts. However, there is much more to the state than people realize. You could spend weeks travelling and be amazed at the amount it has to offer. The following are items to see that you probably won’t see on a tourist map.

1. Rich History

For history buffs, Florida offers a host of sites to visit. Native Americans first inhabited the area, and not surprisingly, left a rich history of artifacts and mounds behind. In Northern Florida, there are several Lake Jackson mounds visible to the public in a state park. In addition, Mission San Luis showcases the Apalachee tribe and reconstructs the Spanish mission from the late 1600s. South Florida is host to the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation and Miccosukee Indian Village, both of which are worth visiting.

In addition to Native American history, there are also several Spanish colonial sites to see. Fort Barrancas offers regular tours, and Pensacola’s T.T. Wentworth Jr. State Museum walks visitors through Spain’s early attempts at colonization in the 1500s. Both areas give you a sense of the history leading up to the Civil War and beyond.

2. Citrus Groves

If visiting Florida, it can be tempting to simply do an internet search for what to do in Naples, for example. However, you might miss an opportunity to see something new. If you don’t live in Florida, chances are you have never seen a citrus grove. If you happen to be there during the harvest season, you’ll have the opportunity to pick fresh fruit off of gorgeous, colorful trees. You can walk through the groves, tour juicing areas and visit the stores. The smell of citrus blossoms alone makes the trip worthwhile.

3. More Than Oceans

Although famous for its oceans, Florida has plenty of lakes, rivers and swampland. You can take advantage of these in unique ways. For example, you could tour Indian River Lagoon at night and see the water glow with plankton or comb jellies. More popularly, people often visit the Everglades to see abundant wildlife and take airboat tours.

Florida is a famous place for visitors, but many of its amazing sites are overshadowed by the wonderful beaches. However, if you’re planning a trip, take some time to see which attractions are nearby. You may be surprised at the history you find, or the water activities you can experience outside of the ocean.


  1. You're right. There's LOTS of things to do and see in Florida. If only it weren't so darned hot... (Said the gal who lives in darned-near-as-hot Georgia... HA)

  2. I'd like the history aspect. Beaches would be nice too! I wish I could go there for a vacay!

  3. Learned from your many posts over the years that there is more to do than beaches. Pffft to beaches anyway, why would I travel to a beach and spend $1000s when I can drive to one 10 mins away.

  4. While there are some amazing beaches, there really is so much more to see and do in FL than that and the theme parks. We may make our way back down there next summer to do some exploring (fingers crossed!)


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