Sunday, November 10, 2019

Advent Book: How Winston Delivered Christmas

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

How Winston Delivered Christmas: My photo cannot do justice to this book!! It is a large, gorgeous hardback that is chock full of wonderful things to celebrate for the advent. Can you believe it's about time to start this kind of thing already??? I surely need to get a move on to get ready for the big day because I know it is going to be here before we know it. This book is one way to help add to the holiday joy and excitement in your home.

Written by Alex T. Smith, this book starts out right by giving you a place to personalize it (like children love to do), and instructions on how to read it.

You are to start reading it on December 1st, and end on December 25th. It is an advent with things to do and a chapter to read each day. It is also the story of Winston, a mouse who is on a mission to get a letter to Father Christmas that was missed, before Christmas Eve.

It is laid out in such a way as to present each day as a gift. It is such a special book and fun way to help little ones interact and look forward to the holiday in a way that it is sure to become an annual family treasure. 

Reading has always held a special place in our home, as do the holidays, so this kind of book is a perfect addition to our home. 

Some items will require you to buy a thing or two, but most items you will find around your own home. 

There is a place holder ribbon, so you remember where you were the last time you read the book, or what activity you might have been working on.

I love the idea of creating an orange pomander. It is one of my most favorite tasks in the book. I love the smell of citrus, and orange tops the list. These would make great gifts for children to make and give to loved ones in the family as well.

The book itself has suspense and emotion, and it will leave you rooting for Winston and traveling through 24 1/2 chapters of wonderful that lead to the big day.

Winston the mouse is on a Very Important Mission. On Christmas Eve, he finds a letter to Father Christmas that did not make it to the post box – so, with no time to lose, he sets out to deliver it himself in time for Christmas Day! He has a lot of Very Exciting Adventures on his Very Important Mission and makes some wonderful friends along the way.
Each chapter includes it's very own festive activity for all the family to enjoy together – including writing a letter to Father Christmas, making mince pies, designing your very own Christmas cards, making presents, creating decorations, and so much more!
This flapped paperback features a festively foiled cover and artwork on beautiful paper, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

Learn more about "How Winston Delivered Christmas" at Silver Dolphin Books. You can also pick up your copy for the holidays on Amazon.


  1. Wow this looks like such a great book! It is totally perfect for the holidays. Growing up we always put up an advent calendar which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

  2. what a great looking book. as a child i loved a book that was filled w/ stories, carols, crafts and etc.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  3. this looks like a great book. my daughter would love something like this. looks awesome!

  4. This is such a great book idea! I'll have to check it out for my kids!

  5. I love the concept! This is good for any age, right? Cos I want to get one for myself! Haha

  6. What a lovely book! This looks like it would be great to share with the family! Beautiful!

  7. Sure looks like one that has it all and keeps them engaged.

  8. What a beautiful gift for the holidays. Very well illustrated and designed. It reminds me of the Advent Calendars I used to get as a child. This would be a family keepsake!

  9. I love that the book contains both suspense and is filled with emotions. I think those are the ingredients for a good read.

  10. It's so beautiful and classic-looking! Your photos definitely do it justice although yes of course, it's always easier to appreciate in person. :)

  11. This looks like a perfect book to read while waiting for the Christmas to arrive. I'm sure my daughter would love it. I really like that there are also craft ideas there.

  12. How lovely, a nice advent book for sure. I am glad that you are enjoying using this x

  13. This does look like a beautiful book! I'd like to get it too! There's a book I have called, "Christmas Socks" that's so wonderful. It's about giving. A wonderful story.


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