Wednesday, October 23, 2019

5 Lucky Winners Get a Copy of Night Night Devotions

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The Night Night Devotions, written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn are great for putting little ones to sleep each night. I know when my kids were little, that little bit of time we had each night reading was special. My oldest and I read together until he was 12!! My second oldest and I read together until he in his first year of middle school, so about the same... While that hasn't been the case with my younger two, they both still like to read from time to time and they certainly liked to have stories read to them when they were little...any time of day, but especially just before bed. It was a nighttime ritual that they all held dear, and a commonality between them where there are so very few. Now that they are all (almost...I have one still at home) grown, they are such wonderful but very different people! Next in line...grandbabes, and I've got a couple. One loves to read and be read to (she is very proficient for her age!), and the other's mom is already talking about books. It's important to read to children from a very early age. Not only does it instill a love of learning, and wonder, but it also provides such a special time and way to bond. These devotionals? Just what the doctor ordered. Short enough to get them to sleep quickly, but long enough to be of interest.

There are different passages to choose from. Perhaps you might read the one on chasing away fear, if your child has become scared of something. For my granddaughter, it is thunder storms. She doesn't like them, and our big rolling thunder here in our state, really sends her running into the arms of the closest adult. If the storm is rolling in at night, reading this devotional about chasing away fear is a great way to help her be more at ease.

There are positive lessons that can be taught too, such as this on being kind to your neighbor. I wish there was a little more kindness running around than there is sometimes, but if you look past the surface, it's honestly not that hard to find, and that's a blessing we can all still be grateful for today.

These devotionals are also a great way to share your faith with a child. I know faith is something so very personal to each of us, no matter what we practice. When you feel the peace that passes understanding, you want to pass that on to your child, or at least I do!! And this devotional, with so many wonderful short stories to tell, is a great way to do that too. I love this little book, and if you do as well, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to snuggle your little ones close and remind them of God's presence and love. In this book of 100 devotions for kids ages 3–7, bestselling author Amy Parker and illustrator Virginia Allyn invite you to begin a tradition of prayer and devotions with your children to carry them through the years to come.
Each of the devotions in Night Night Devotions begins with a Bible verse and includes Night Night questions to encourage interaction with your children. If you want to use the book as a companion to Night Night Bible Stories, the devotions have corresponding titles that accompany each Bible story—with much more in between! Each devotion ends with a rhyming Night Night Prayer that emphasizes God’s love and care, such as . . .
Dear God, I love You more than
There are fishes in the sea,
But there's no way that I could love You
More than You love me!
Night night, God.
With cheerful, colorful artwork and sweet Night Night rhymes, this devotional is sure to become your family's new bedtime favorite.

There is a Giveaway!

5 lucky winners will be selected on November 15th to win a copy of their own.  US residents only. Good luck to all who enter.


  1. It looks like it has really cute illustrations in it. I like that there is a story, but it's readable. Sometimes with children's books the background was dark and the text was dark, so it was hard to read, there was too short of a story, or too long of a story. This one seems just right.

  2. Starting to read as a child is important, that's why you have to entice them with beautiful stories!

  3. Having all of them like to be read to or with at one point sure is a win. Sounds like a good one for bedtime indeed.

  4. That is super awesome!!! I really hope i win, i want this give away, so cool.

  5. My daughter's love to read and be read to...and these stories aren't just stories...they're life lessons that the girls can hopefully recall and use as they grow.

  6. Bedtime stories is so important for young kids and in fact start reading to them as soon as they are born is important hanbit. These are great stories.

  7. Reading to your child at night is such a wonderful time of closure to the day and bonding and helping them and even yourself to have a restful night.

  8. This is the kind of book my niece loves...lots of illustrations.

  9. I love that this is such a kid friendly book. I think it's a great way to get in devotionals but keep a child's attention. The pictures and drawings are so cute!

  10. I miss reading to my girls at night. I've been replaced with YouTube and text messaging. *sigh* I do think this book is beautifully illustrated. A very lovely way for kids to hear devotionals.

  11. The illustrations are grear and wonderful for capturing the attention of kids. My little one loves to read.

  12. I think it's lovely to have books like this for the kids especially since it's something they can learn valuable lessons from. I really like the story and would recommend it to parents.

  13. I think it's awesome to have books like this for the kids to read. It's something they can learn valuable lessons from! I'd highly recommend it to parents.


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