Thursday, September 5, 2019

Schleich Makes Quality Toys Built to Last

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

When my granddaughter comes over, I often like to slip her a little gift to take home with her. She's 6-years-old, so at that age where she is so easy to make happy. Right now, we have some great memories from a trip we took to Lion Country Safari (which I wrote about here). The giraffes and lions were my grandbabe's favorite animals, so I thought getting her a couple of the high quality animal figures from Schleich Toys would be a roaring good idea.

Giraffe bulls are the largest land animals, reaching heights of up to six meters. Their necks can be two and a half meters long and they can weigh up to 250 kilograms. Nevertheless - just like us human beings - they only have seven cervical vertebrae.
Giraffe bulls are so large, they can put their head through the window of the second floor of a building and say "hello". Their tongue is up to 50 centimeters long, is desensitized to prickly leaves, and has an unusual color: it is dark blue. This color helps protect it from sunburn when giraffes use it to wrap around and pluck leaves. Even animals as large as giraffes need to sleep between meals. When there is no threat of danger, they lie down for a nap, but in the wilderness they mainly sleep standing up.

In order to become the leader of the pack, lions must win a duel. The larger their mane, the more respect they are shown by their rival. But not only does it look breath-taking – it also protects the animals from serious injuries on their heads and necks.

Fun fact

The lion's mane begins growing at one year of age.
I know that she will like these two animals quite a bit, and because they're made and sold by Schleich, I know they are going to last forever and a day. These don't bend or break, even when dropped and their perfect for pretend time or for simply reenacting our trip to the drive-through safari.

You can get them on Amazon for a very reasonable price, and they're perfect for back-to-school too...simply tuck one in your kiddos' backpack for a surprise once they get to school (fortunately, the little ones are able to get away with bringing a toy in because well, that's part of the joy of childhood). I'm thinking even putting one in a lunchbox would be a delight and a surprise. I can imagine my granddaughter opening hers now, and finding the lion in her lunch (and the giraffe in her backpack), and it makes me smile. I used to do sweet surprises like that for my kids, and they all loved it. These would also be great for stockings when Christmas rolls around (ha! JUST saying). :) They bear an uncanny resemblance to their real life counterparts and are sure to contribute to hours of fun play time. I highly recommend the brand.


  1. Nothing better than getting to go to Safari and then getting a souvenir to remember that fun time. You're a great grandmother.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  2. Wow, they are realistic indeed. I've had a lion kinda like that since childhood and it is still good to go.

  3. I really like that lion. When my son was younger, I purchased several Schleich figurines for him. They were of knights and horses. Although he no longer plays with them, I still have a few and they are still in great shape years later.

  4. When my son was little he collected all of their farm animals and now his daughters still play with them.

  5. They are classic toys. I had a few when the boys were little. We kept them in the drawer with the dinosaurs. They all weren't alive at the same time, but they got played with together.

  6. Quality toys.. reassuring things. These make nice gifts. I remember I played with simialr ones.


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