Sunday, September 8, 2019

Let's Call a Truce: Back to School Germ Fighter

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Let's  talk about chemicals in products that don't need to be there. I'll admit, I still keep bleach on hand that is sometimes needed in the bathroom (we have one small bathroom that sometimes gets mold starting on the tiles and I like to catch and get rid of that quick), but for the most part (and I'm still trying to convince myself to get rid of the bleach), we have made the switch to cleaning products that are simple and natural. Truce is one such company that gets the job done well, with basic ingredients that work such as baking soda, vinegar, etc., and these products are sold at affordable prices.

This is a company that prides itself on removing harmful chemicals and letting the simple ingredients do the hard work that chemicals certainly can do, but without being harsh to humans, pets and/or the environment. It's a big deal.

I used the Truce Safe & Simple Scouring Powder to scrub the grout on my table. As you can see in the picture, if you look carefully, the grout lines had yuk on them. I know exactly what it came from too. The first week after I purchased this table, a puzzle came in the mail for us to do. I was excited and poured the pieces onto the table to start sorting them to make the frame. On the back of the puzzle pieces, the blue paper backing that had been cut in a machine to make them left behind debris on the table. Had it been any other kind of table than tile, it would have been easy to clean up the mess. With this type of table, however, the remembrance of the puzzle backing has been forever left behind. I have tried to clean it. What I really wanted to do was get in there with a scouring pad, but I thought the steel bristles would leave marks or extra debris behind, so I have just wiped it down with soap and hoped for the best. I didn't get the best.

After using the truce scouring powder, you can see that it's better. It's not 100% but it's 90% and after many months of trying to get to that grime unsuccessfully, I'll take 90%. What I'm hoping for is that after a few days of being left alone, I can reapply and scour again for an even better result. Patience is a virtue. :)

The Cleaning Controversy
There are a lot of people who side with harsh chemicals in their cleaners. It's what their parents and grandparents used, and they've seen the results of a clean home. Then there are those who say let's go all natural no matter what. The damages of chemicals in the air has been proven over and over again. Both sides are right, so, let's call a truce. We don't need to be on opposing sides when it comes to cleaning. Everyone needs to do it, and does do it...let's just make sure we're doing it responsibly! Truce sells a whole line of natural home cleaning products, that as far as I have seen, actually work as well as those that have chemicals. With back-to-school now in full swing, and kids being exposed to germs that they haven't been around for awhile, we'll be scouring and scrubbing more than ever. This is a wonderful BTS germ fighter, and so far, we're really loving the cleaning results. Why not use the cleaners that are responsible yet still effective? To me, that's a no-brainer. Kudos to Truce for finding a way to effectively solve the cleaning dilemma. Brand recommended!

Truce is an eco-friendly line of cleaning products all made using SIMPLE and NATURAL ingredients, like borax, essential oils, baking soda, distilled white vinegar and aloe vera. And unlike many others in the space, they clearly outline every single ingredient on their label because they have nothing to hide. 
Truce offers a wide variety of products to cover all your germ-fighting and cleaning needs, from all-purpose cleaner, hand sanitizer, soaps and more. The refill solutions help reduce waste as well!


  1. I'd take 90% too. Great when you find one chemical free that does the trick and keeps those germs away. Mold is nothing to fool with, if you gotta use bleach, use it. Beats mold spores in your lungs.

  2. This sounds like a good cleaner and glad it worked good on your table!

  3. I too try and stay away from bleach - but keep an emergency container to hand.

  4. I am all for natural cleaning solutions. Truce sounds like a brand I need to stock up on asap. I'd take the 90% better look as well. Hopefully, you can knock out that last 10% soon with a little more effort :)

  5. I've heard of this brand and been meaning to try it. I need something for the grout in my tile floors!

  6. People are getting sick all around me. It doesn't help that my work has a hand punch for attendance. I've tried arguing it. It's a germ magnet. There's a small enough group, that I just take it on paper.


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