Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Back to School with Discovery Prehistoric Slimygloop Dig

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Discovery Prehistoric SlimyGloop Dig is the perfect rainy day activity to do at home or in the classroom. Taking slime to the next step up, this kit is a wonderful way to help teach children about so many different things, depending on the angle you take while you are working with them to put this together. What child doesn't love getting down and dirty in a pile of slimy goop, only to discover something amazing like dinosaur bones, or in this case, 2 sets of dinosaur bones!

Once you find the dino bones, you put them together like a 3D puzzle. Each model is a little over 6" big when built, so they'll tuck into any corner on a desk or shelf and make themselves instantly right at home. The thrill of the discovery, building, and yes, even the mess is sure to make this kit a hit with children now and during the holiday season (I keep mentioning holidays on this blog, I can't help it, it's getting closer!). It's also a great way to break them into back-to-school, which all of us have recently or are experiencing now, if we have kids. The Discovery Prehistoric Slimygoop Dig would also lend itself well to homeschooling classes. Toys that help you learn are always a big hit with parents, and this one is well aligned to STEM with careful considerations in place to help educate and entertain.

This kit is reasonably priced on Amazon. It would make a great addition to any classroom, lesson or child's home. I know this is just the kind of toy all the children in my family have liked at one time or another. My big kids are grown now, but they're investing in toys like this for their little ones now too. You really can't lose when the toys are thoughtfully and sturdily made, such as is what you will get with the Discovery brand.
  • ⚒ A slimy excavation: dig your way through squishy slime as you Discover hidden dinosaur bones.
  • 🔨 dig, press or smash: fun sensory experience that shakes and wiggles as you excavate.
  • 🦖 3D dinosaur puzzle: collect all the hidden bones inside the slime dig and put them together to create a 3D dinosaur figurine!
  • 💥 creative play: Enjoy a fun way to excavate and dig up a fun surprise!
  • ⚙ contents: 2 premade SLIMYGLOOP digs, 1 dinosaur bone puzzle, digging tray, 1 poster and easy-to-use instructions.
  • ⭐ age range: 8 years & up
You can find it at certain retail stores and on Amazon.


  1. Looks like good indoor activity for kids, I'm sure they love this.

    You got great blog here, following your blog now.

  2. As a kid, I would've really liked that!

  3. I know a few kiddos who would enjoy the mess the most, sigh haha sure sounds like a fun way to spend some time with them though.

  4. Isaak would be the one in my family that likes this. How fun!


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