Tuesday, September 3, 2019

4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY and Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Carpeting covers 51% of flooring needs across America, and most carpet is made in Georgia. So while it is an investment, it’s easily obtained and replaced. Nonetheless, keeping it looking fresh, new, and beautiful for as long as possible is the goal of most home and business owners. Store-bought or rented carpet cleaners are practically everywhere, so DIY cleaning is a common go-to option for many people. After all, why shell out the extra dough and trust strangers to enter your home if you can just clean your own carpet in a few hours or a day? However, quite often, those DIYers get a shocking wakeup call that expert professional carpet cleaning isn’t just a good idea, it’s often the only sensible one. But why should you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner instead of doing it yourself?

Professional Carpet Cleaners Know What to Use

Stains are part of life and carpet can absorb daily spills like a sponge. Unfortunately, the wrong products can either refuse to budge the stain, cause damage to your skin and the carpet itself, or create a worse issue altogether. Professional carpet cleaners can access the stains or traffic patterns, know what products to use that will safely and effectively lift the grime, and leave your home fresher and cleaner than it has been in years.

Professional Equipment Won’t Contain Or Leave Behind Unexpected “Surprises”

There’s nothing like getting a rental steam cleaner home and realizing a smoker used it, or worse… it contains bed bugs or roaches. The same can happen with store-bought systems that have been returned. Employees are just far too busy and simply don’t earn enough to ensure the equipment is cleaned properly. However, that’s not the case with a professional carpet cleaner in Macomb Michigan. All equipment is thoroughly disinfected between cleanings so you can rest assured that they’ll remove the nasties, not leave more behind.

You Won’t Come Home to a Soggy, Soapy Mess

Water or steam must be used to clean carpets thoroughly, but many systems insist cold or warm water will work just fine with the right detergent. That can’t be further from the truth. Studies going all the way back to the 19th century prove the importance of hot water usage to kill contaminants and release debris and stains in carpet fibers. But once that water reaches the padding beneath the carpet, it can result in further issues such as mold spores and deeper contamination. Most DIY carpet cleaners have no clue what water temperature to maintain, how much cleaner to use, and how deeply to extract the water or steam once it’s released. The pros know, however, so all you’ll come home to is a clean carpet instead of a sopping, disgusting mess.

Expert Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Save Time and Your Warranty

It can take some serious time and effort to learn how to use a new or rental carpet cleaner. And if you’re the least bit uncomfortable operating it, you could end up damaging your furniture and other household possessions in the process. Moreover, most carpet warranties now clearly state that expert professional carpet cleaning is required every 12-18 months to prevent voiding the warranty. A professional can protect your belongings, thoroughly clean your carpet, and properly maintain your warranty so you can just relax and enjoy your beautiful home. Stop cutting corners and schedule an appointment with a competent professional carpet cleaner in Macomb Michigan today.


  1. Yeah, time is a key. Getting it done right sure saves a lot. I've seen some that are left soggy too, not fun.

  2. I have my own carpet shampooer, but it does not do the job that a professional would. I really need them to bring out the big guns and do a good number on my carpets.


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